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10 Israel Tel Aviv Based Startups to Watch

10 Israel Tel Aviv Based Startups to Watch

The tech industry in Tel Aviv is thriving. The top 10 Tel Aviv tech startups for this year include a diverse collection of hyper-growth scaleups, diminutive creative firms, and everything in between.

Web3, gaming, and productivity firms are expanding as other nations, like India, start using the internet. The managing partner of Maverick Ventures Israel, Michel Abadi, acknowledges that there is a problem with brain drain. However, we are quite patient.

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The military continues to be the primary source of founders, as it always has been, not just because practically everyone serves in it but also because of its concentration on problem-solving and attention to cybersecurity, AI, and robots.

1. Immunai

Year Founded: 2018 | HQ: Tel Aviv, Israel | Size: 101-250

Founders: Ansuman Satpathy, Dan Littman, Danny Wells, Luis F Voloch, Noam Solomon

Israeli biotechnology firm Immunai was established in 2018 and is based in Tel Aviv at the moment. The business has created a method to combine single-cell genomics techniques with machine learning algorithms, which enables researchers to build a highly thorough profile of the immune systems in the people they examine and to observe how cells react to changing settings.

The company has received startup investment three times since its founding, with the most recent round taking place in October 2021. A group of eleven innovators have financially sponsored various investment rounds, and it is thanks to their efforts that the company has been able to raise $295 million.

2. BeeWise

Year Founded: 2018 | HQ: Bet Haemek, Israel | Size: 101-250

Founders: Boaz Petersil, Eliyah Radzyner, Hallel Schreier, Saar Safra, Yossi Sorin

Israeli firm Beewise was established in 2018 and has its headquarters in Bet Haemek. The company’s goal is to help with the bee population collapse, one of the largest issues facing the planet. The startup uses precise robotics powered by AI to reduce human involvement. As a result, bees are able to produce more honey and there is less colony loss since they are not subjected to as much stress.

The company has received startup investment seven times since its founding, with the most recent round occurring in March 2022. There were 14 investors who participated in these investment rounds, including 5 lead investors. These investors support the cause, as seen by the $118.7 million total raise.

3. Run:AI

Year Founded: 2018 | HQ: Tel Aviv, Israel | Size: 11-50

Founders: Omri Geller, Ronen Dar

Tel Aviv, Israel serves as Run:AI current headquarters, which it established in 2018. An AI-specific computer management system has been developed by the company. This gives data scientists the chance to gain visibility into and control over the prioritization of AI resources, as well as to streamline workflows and reduce the pain associated with the infrastructure itself.

The business has received startup investment four times since its founding, the most recent round occurring in March 2022. The business has landed deals with four investors as a result of these investment rounds. These deals have generated a total of $118 million in revenue.

4. Empathy

Year Founded: 2020 | HQ: Tel Aviv, Israel | Size: 11-50

Founders: Ron Gura, Yonatan Bergman

The Empathy app supports families as they navigate the financial, legal, emotional, and practical difficulties that come with losing a loved one. The Empathy app offers real-time chat with loss specialists, personalized task navigation, and a single location to securely save essential papers. The app also streamlines estate management procedures.

The 2020-founded business has received $43 million in funding over two rounds from companies including Entrée Capital and Aleph as well as angel investors like Micha Kaufman, cofounder of Fiverr. According to Empathy, on average $3,007 was saved by US users of the app, and 92% of users said they felt better after using it. To assist employees, the business has agreements with Goldman Sachs and New York Life.

Only five months have passed since Empathy announced a $13 million seed round. General Catalyst, Aleph, LocalGlobe, Primetime Partners, and notable angel investors including Shai Wininger (CEO & co-founder of Lemonade), Sir Ronald Cohen, John Kim (ex-president of New York Life), and Micha Kaufman (CEO & co-founder of Fiverr) all participated in the most recent investment, which was led by Entrée Capital.

5. NeuraLight

Year Founded: 2021 | HQ: Tel Aviv, Israel | Size: 11-50

Founders: Edmund Ben Ami, Micha Y. Breakstone

By digitizing neurological examination and care, Israeli startup NeuraLight aims to improve the lives of the billions of people affected by neurological illnesses. To speed up and improve drug discovery, monitoring, and precision treatment for patients with neurological illnesses, this AI-driven platform includes a number of digital markers.

The co-founder of Chorus.ai and the founding CTO of Flatiron Health are among the repeat entrepreneurs and industry veterans who founded NeuraLight. They are supported by renowned neurologists, two Nobel laureates, an outstanding Scientific Advisory Board, and a 25-person team. NeuraLight has raised $30M to date.The platform’s technology is powered by in-house Deep Learning algorithms that automatically extract a variety of digital oculometric markers from facial videos taken with a typical smartphone or webcam.

6. Lusix

Year Founded: 2016 | HQ: Rehovot, HaMerkaz, Israel | Size: 11-50

Founders: Efraim Ron, Yossi Yayon

Lusix was founded by Landa within Landa Labs; the science innovation and incubation platform of the Landa Group. Lusix grows both custom-shaped rough diamonds, such as LUSIX Pyramid DiamondsTM, and custom-colored rough diamonds, which are both marketed as lab-grown diamonds (LGDs) under the Sun Grown Diamonds™ trademark.

LVMH Luxury Ventures, Ragnar Crossover Fund, and More Investments were among the investors in the $90 million investment round that the Israeli business Lusix, which creates lab-grown diamonds (LGD), concluded on Friday.

The company, which was founded by renowned businessman Benny Landa, intends to use this investment to increase its production capacity in Israel with a second plant that will run entirely on solar energy starting this summer.

7. Better Juice

Year Founded: 2018 | HQ: Ashdod, HaDarom, Israel | Size: 1-10

Founders: Eran Blachinsky, Gali Yarom, Ron Shapira

A group of renowned members of the food industry, including a scientist and a professor of microbiology with years of experience in product development, created Better Juice in 2018. The Kitchen FoodTech Hub, a Strauss Group incubator, provides support for the business.

The Kitchen FoodTech Hub’s mission is to nurture promising food-tech ventures that have the potential to transform the global food system by making it more productive, more accessible, more sustainable, and healthier.

Better Juice offers people the straightforward strategies they need to cut sugar from their diets. A 1-cup portion of popular juices like orange and apple juice has 6 teaspoons (25 grammes) of sugar (250 ml). Up to 14 teaspoons are in grape juice. Industrial juice manufacturers may reduce or remove sugar in one easy step thanks to the Better Juice solution.

8. Tevel

Year Founded: 2017 | HQ: Haifa, Hefa, Israel | Size: 1-10

Founder: Daniel Danilovich

“Farmers all over the world are struggling with recruiting fruit pickers, a situation that puts the whole industry at risk,” says Tevel founder Yaniv Maor.

The company has been raised $32.1 million for its fleet of drones that will be used for picking, thinning, and pruning duties in orchards, most recently from agricultural equipment producers like China’s Forbon and Japan’s Kubota.

Four quadcopter drones electrically attached to a wheeled vehicle and outfitted with a meter-long mechanical claw and AI-powered eyes that can distinguish between fruits and gauge their size and ripeness make up a single unit. In late 2022, the business intends to launch a commercial deployment in Southern Europe.

9. AiVF

Year Founded: 2018 | HQ: Tel Aviv, Israel | Size: 1-10

Founders: Daniel Seidman, Daniella Gilboa

An artificial intelligence platform that supports IVF procedures is AiVF. For clinicians at various stages of IVF therapy, it makes it possible to provide individualized care and data-driven decision-making tools. The business creates domain-specific AI and deep learning algorithms that examine pictures and videos of developing embryos, and its platform takes into account the patient’s electronic medical record (EMR), genetics, and visual data to assist crucial decision points.

The company raised $25m in Series A funding. The round was led by Insight Partners with participation from Adam Neumann’s Family Office, 166 2nd Financial Services

10. Firebolt

Year Founded: 2019 | HQ: Tel Aviv, Israel | Size: 101-250

Founders: Ariel Yaroshevich, Eldad Farkash, Saar Bitner

Israeli firm Firebolt was established in 2019 and is presently situated in Tel Aviv, a city known for its entrepreneurship. The business offers a platform for cloud data warehousing that enables quick data retrieval and analysis in order to give clients specific insights, enabling engineers and developers to build customer-friendly data-based apps.

The business has received startup investment four times since its founding, with the most recent round taking place in January 2022. Nine investors have given the company their money as a result of these investment rounds, giving Firebolt a significant total raise of $264 Million.

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