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A New AI Service Creates Photos of You Actually Having Fun With Your Friends

A New AI Service Creates Photos of You Actually Having Fun With Your Friends

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Creates Phony Images

Want to avoid actual human interaction yet give the impression that you’re having fun with your mates in real life? Oh boy, have we got the stuff for you? Hotshot is a new program that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create phony images of you and your friends, whether or not they know about it.

“Imagine if Midjourney knew what your friends looked like… Introducing Hotshot!” tweeted one of the app’s cofounders, Aakash Sastry. Have YOUR CONTACTS DO SOMETHING and take pictures of it.

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As an example, Sastry showed us some salad-eating selfies with his co-founder taken by Hotspot at an upscale restaurant.

In some ways, the outcome is disappointing. Both of their faces look like cartoonish AI interpolations in the photographs, placing them firmly in the uncanny valley.

The app store description for the company boasts, “Making memes of your friends has never been easier.”

AI Usage

While we’re suckers for silly photos of our pals as much as the next person, the idea of utilizing an AI program to simulate what it’s like to be with them instead of really being with them in person is a little too dystopian for our tastes.

Hotshot seems like a step backward, especially considering the increased significance of personal interaction in the post-pandemic society. Video chat applications like FaceTime and Zoom also exist for those who don’t live in close proximity to their buddies.

Twitter users were not enthusiastic, calling it “pretty creepy.”

“My current friends would kill me if I tried this,” another member commented. Indeed, that is the case.

However, you might not have planned on missing out on time with your pals. Bitmoji, an app that lets you create your own emoji avatar, gained popularity, so perhaps there is a market for intelligent apps like this.

At least, according to the app’s privacy policy, all user photographs are erased 24 hours after they are submitted and are never shared with any third-party sites.

We won’t interfere if you want to make pictures of yourself with your pals. But at least assure us that you’ll make an effort to socialize over salads with friends in the real world on occasion.


Can AI make fake pictures of people’s faces?

Deep learning AI models can, in fact, make fake faces that look almost exactly like those of real people. Over time, these programs have become so good that it’s almost impossible to tell the difference between a real face and one made by AI.

What is the deal with computer-generated images?

An AI text-to-image creator often uses artificial neural networks, which are a type of machine learning that can take words as input and use them to make an image.

What is this new AI about which everyone is talking?

Generative AI is the foundation upon which the current AI product wave is based. It enables a computer to produce what appear to be human-made graphics or text. It achieves this by analyzing millions of samples of images and texts, most of which have been scraped from the internet.

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