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Apple may buy Rivian After Canceling Apple Car

Apple may buy Rivian After Canceling Apple Car

The subject of Apple acquiring Rivian was brought up in a Tesla Money Mafia group chat including X, Matty Mogul, the Tesla Podcast, and Jfilche, according to Gali. Whether Apple intends to do this is the main concern.

Rivian had a big day today when they showed off their new R2 and R3 cars, which are smaller versions of their R1 SUV. When the news came out, Rivian stock went up 15%.

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However, reports should always be taken with a grain of salt. Let’s look at what would happen and how it would affect things if Apple did decide to buy Rivian.

To begin, Apple has already spent many years and billions of dollars on the Apple Car over the past ten years. Now that Rivian is worth about $12 billion, Apple could pay that much to buy it.

But why didn’t Apple just wait to buy someone instead of losing so much money on the Apple Car project that it later shelved? It would have been even better if Apple had just bought Tesla when it was worth $60 billion.

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What will happen if Apple gets Rivian?

The best thing about Apple getting Rivian is that Apple software will be built into Rivian cars. But this can happen even if Apple doesn’t buy Rivian. Should Apple decide to buy Rivian, it will likely get more control over how its software is customized and any growth that comes from that.

Rivian, on the other hand, doesn’t have enough real-world range to make a difference in the world of self-driving cars. Instead, it will have to stick to driver-assist software programs on the freeway, just like most other companies (except Tesla).

Tesla has real-world miles and AI software development to make a car that can drive itself anywhere. FSD version 12 shows that and is a big step up from version 11.

But Rivian does have one thing going for it: it is making goods, sending them to customers, and reporting earnings. People enjoy their Rivian cars, which is a good sign. Rivian is, however, spending money at an unbelievable rate and will run out in fifteen months if they don’t get more money today…

If Apple bought Rivian, would this be bad for Tesla? I don’t believe that. Tesla has an edge over its competitors in manufacturing and AI, which takes years of experience and billions and billions of miles of real-world data. For a LONG time, Rivian won’t have that.

Even though there are reports, I still don’t think Apple will buy Rivian. Apple doesn’t know how to make Rivian or anything related to it. Now, I could see why Apple would invest in Rivian if they thought the company would grow 20 times in 10 years or something like that. Besides that, I believe these are just reports.

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