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Apple unveils iPad Pro M4 and Air

Apple showed off new versions of the iPad Air and iPad Pro computers on Tuesday.

CEO Tim Cook said in a short video on the company’s website, “Today is the biggest day for iPad since it came out.”

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The new iPad models are the first ones Apple has put out since October 2022. This is the longest time since the device’s launch in 2011 that it has gone without an update.

Apple said that the iPad Pro, which is their most expensive and high-tech tablet, will come in two sizes: an 11-inch and a 13-inch. This item is only 5.1 millimeters thick, which is what the company said was its thinnest ever.

The smaller iPad Pro starts at $999, and the bigger 13-inch model with 256GB of storage starts at $1,299. This is a little more than the previous model’s price.

The iPad Pro will fit into a new case made by Apple called Magic Keyboard. It is made of metal and has a keyboard and trackpad built in. If you use the case, Apple says that using an iPad Pro will feel like using a laptop, or “just like a MacBook.”

There are two sizes of the Magic Keyboard, and they cost $249 or $299. Apple also announced a new pen for $129 called the Apple Pencil Pro.

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iPad Pro Gets Supercharged M4 Chip: Powerful for AI and Beyond

The new iPads use a new chip from Apple called the M4. It’s an improvement over the M3 chips that power Apple’s computers right now. Apple said the M4 chip was “mighty for AI.” As an example, they said it could help power software that separates people in movies from their backgrounds.

“This stunning design and groundbreaking display required us to move to the next generation of Apple silicon,” said John Ternus, who works for Apple and is in charge of hardware.

The company said that the new iPad Pro tablets will have a new type of display called OLED. This is the same technology that Apple uses on its iPhones. Apple also said that the new tablets will have brighter colors and more vivid images than past models. Another thing the company said was that it made the Ultra Retina XDR screens using a technology called “tandem OLED.”

The company said that professional video producers might find the iPad Pro useful and brought out a new app called Final Cut Camera that lets you handle multiple iPhone cameras. They say the iPad Pro has a 12-megapixel camera on the back that can take 4K video. The company also said that the flash on the camera would be getting an update, which should make scanning documents easy.

From now until next week, you can pre-order the new computers and accessories.

Two Sizes, Same Power: New iPad Air Offers 11-inch and 13-inch Options with M2 Chip

Apple said the iPad Air will come in two sizes: a smaller 11-inch model that works with older iPads and a bigger 13-inch model. The M2 chip from Apple is in both. The smaller iPad has 128GB of storage and costs $599. The bigger iPad starts at $799.

In order to make the iPad better for videoconferencing, Apple has also changed the front-facing camera to the longer side of the device, which is called “landscape mode.”

Next week, shops will carry the iPad Air, which comes in different colors like blue, purple, and gold.

Another thing Apple did was lower the price of its base iPad from $429 to $349.

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