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Beck’s Made the First Artificial Intelligence-Created Beer and Ad Campaign in History

Beck’s Produced the World’s First AI-Created Beer and Ad Campaign

There have been many firsts at Beck’s. The brewery is responsible for the first green bottles, the first beer six-pack, and the first UV-protected bottles, all of which have been launched into space. German company sets a new standard with the unprecedented launch: AI-made beer and marketing campaign. In comparison to some of Beck’s other inventions, this one seems somewhat mundane, as it mimics the standard fare of current AI research projects. (When, my God, will this madness end?)

To celebrate Beck’s 150th year, the experiment was conducted. Chat GPT and Midjourney were enlisted to develop the formula, package it, and promote it. Beck’s Autonomous Beer was created by an AI that sampled millions of flavor combinations before settling on the perfect blend of water, hops, barley, and yeast. Beck’s also used artificial intelligence to make its cool, future-looking packaging, advertising campaign, and product photography, and 360-degree rotating video.

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450 Limited Edition Beers

Laura Salway, Beck’s director of marketing, remarked, “It’s been fascinating to see Beck’s Autonomous come to life and how we can continue to embrace new technology in the industry and across brand communications.” “At Beck’s, we know it takes the passion of our brewers and people to make this beer that is enjoyed all over the world,” they write. “And we believe the multi-channel campaign for the revolutionary beer still connects with people on a human level, despite being created and led by AI.”

In order to help individuals in the UK, Germany, and Italy get their hands on one of the 450 limited-edition beers, AI created a webpage specifically for that purpose. Even though the pre-order period has ended, you can still check the site for any new information.

I have to say, even I am impressed by the packaging. But the components employed lead me to believe that this beverage is all surface and no substance. If given the choice between a beer made by a human with actual tastebuds and talents and one made by a trendy computer program, I’d much rather drink the one made by a human.

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