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Dua Lipa Regains Publishing Catalogue Rights

Dua Lipa

The music company TAP Music Publishing said today that Dua Lipa got the rights to her publishing catalog. The sale comes more than a year after the singer, who used to work for TAP as a talent manager, separated from the company. As of now, Lipa is run by her father, Dukagjin Lipa.

One of the things TAP Music Publishing said was, “We wish Dua the best for the future.” “This is an exciting time for our publishing company,” said Anna Neville, co-president of TAP Music. “We are expanding our services and teams globally and continue to add talented writers and artists to our already stellar roster.”

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Lipa released her first new song since “Dance the Night” from the Barbie soundtrack yesterday. It’s called “Houdini.” She is also going to be in Matthew Vaughn’s new movie Argylle. Dua said her next album will come out in 2024, so stay tuned for more new songs.

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