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Future Ultra-Luxury EV specs teased by BYD

Future Ultra-Luxury EV specs teased by BYD

Some of the cheapest types in Australia were made by BYD. The Dolphin, which BYD made, was Australia’s cheapest EV until recently.

Now, BYD has shown off an upscale Yangwang brand car that is priced at the other end of the EV price range. In this case, it’s a big luxury sedan called the U7 that will go up against luxury names from Europe and China.

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Yanwang U7 is BYD’s first car from its high-end brand. Yangwang said on Weibo that it will likely cost more than $A200,000.

Yangwang says that for that price, you get a big car with a very low coefficient of drag of only 0.195. The Tesla Model 3, on the other hand, is more agile and has a coefficient of drag of 0.219.

With a well-thought-out powertrain, this means that the new large car should be more fuel-efficient than larger sedans with more boxy shapes.

Yangwang’s newest e-technology system should let the U7 distribute power precisely while keeping the vehicle’s safety high. It should have over 1,000 hp (745 kW) of power.

The length of the new U7 will be 5,265 mm, which is about the same as a large car. An i5 and an EQE are both about 5,000 mm long, which makes the U7 look bigger from the outside.

Delayed Delivery: New Model Stuck in Regulatory Limbo

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), a government agency, is in charge of keeping track of the list of cars that can be sold. This newest model has not yet been added to that list, so it will not be delivered for months.

The MIIT filings are usually where cars that are going on sale and production are found, but the U7 seems to have been revealed before a filing was made public.

According to rumors from one post, Yangwang has released a sportier car that looks like the U9 hypercar. Sales began in November. This car can go from 0 to 100 km/h very quickly.

Over 2,000 units have been sent out in just two months, which is pretty good considering that it costs more than $A200,000 to begin with.

As the launch date gets closer—which should be in the next few months—pricing and full specs will start to show up.

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