Giant Suction Cups Allow This Crazy Wireless TV to Adhere to Walls And Windows

Giant Suction Cups Allow This Crazy Wireless TV to Adhere to Walls and Windows

At CES, wireless TVs are all the rage, but out of all the new TVs (including a brand-new TV line from Roku this year), Displace TV is the one that stands out as the most unique so far.

The 55-inch Displace OLED screen is a startup project. It adheres to your wall or window with suction cups. The suction cups are really big.

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You don’t plug the Displace TV into the wall like you would with most TVs. Instead, you can keep the picture going for hours by swapping out batteries, which can be done quickly.

Aside from the screen, the system has a box about the size of a PC tower into which you can plug your devices. The signal goes from the box to the TV without wires. In fact, you can use it with more than one TV at the same time to make a multiscreen system or even just one big TV.

Is something else interesting? There is no remote for Displace TV. Instead, you’ll use gestures to control streaming and other systems on your smart TV. There is also an app that lets you control the TV with your phone.

It doesn’t come cheap. A system with a single screen and a box cost $3,000, while a system with four screens and a single box costs $9,000.

The LG C2, a typical 55-inch wired OLED TV, costs about half as much as the basic Displace TV. It’s also interesting that LG came out with its own wireless OLED TV, which was much more traditional.