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Palm Beach Housekeepers Make $150,000 Due to Exclusive Demand

Palm Beach Housekeepers Make $150,000 Due to Exclusive Demand

Salary battles between mansion owners are becoming commonplace, and housekeepers in Palm Beach and South Florida are raking it in, according to employment agencies. Salaries often exceed $150,000.

The demand for household workers in affluent Florida communities, particularly Palm Beach, has reached historic highs due to the enormous exodus of wealth from high-tax jurisdictions like New York. The need for nannies, chefs, drivers, personal security, butlers (now referred to as “hospitality managers” or “estate managers”), and other domestic workers has increased dramatically, according to employment companies.

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The greatest problem for affluent homes is the scarcity of cleaners. A large number of well-off Floridians have purchased mansions and need maid services. Cleaning services are in high demand among hotels, resorts, and companies. What follows is the outcome: Housekeepers’ hourly wages have reportedly skyrocketed from $25 in 2020 to $45 or $50 in the present day.

Among other areas, April Berube’s The Wellington Agency places house staff in Palm Beach, Miami, New York, and beyond. “I have been placing staff for 30 years, and I’ve never seen anything like this,” Berube said. “Relocation has been phenomenal, particularly in the Miami and Palm Beach areas.”

Housekeepers in Palm Beach who have worked in affluent households before can expect an annual salary of $120,000 to $150,000 plus perks (including overtime), health insurance, and a 401(k) plan.

“Housekeepers find it wonderful,” Berube remarked. It is quite challenging for us. There’s a major scarcity.

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So You Think $75,000 is a Lot for a Cleaner? Think Again

A client in Florida recently approached Lily Pond Services CEO Melissa Psitos about hiring a cleaner for $75,000 per annum. It was fair for the market, and they paid $110,000 in the end. Those who work as executive housekeepers, frequently supervising a team of cleaners and laundresses, might earn much more. A head cleaner that Psitos knows in Palm Beach makes $250,000 per year (including overtime) and goes to all of the family’s houses, according to Psitos.

She complained that there was insufficient supply.

It is not uncommon for affluent homeowners to engage in bidding wars. Throughout West Palm Beach and the internet, staffing agencies are displaying “Help Wanted” ads. Customer dissatisfaction is on the rise.

“They say, ‘No way I’m paying that,'” Berube said, adding that at first, people are shocked. Even telling them the numbers makes me uneasy. However, they nearly always return to us after trying to recruit someone less experienced for less money and saying, “I learned my lesson.” The cost of the experience is acceptable to us.

According to Berube, housekeepers for the rich require certain abilities, such as the ability to move stealthily throughout the house, the knowledge of how to wash and press delicate linens, and the competence to delicately clean antiques, cutlery, and artwork.

“To work in fine homes, you need specific tools and skills,” she remarked.

Berube has stated that she is considering opening a school to provide elite housekeeping training to increase the supply of competent people.

“I wish I had the time to do it, but right now we’re so preoccupied with hiring that it’s impossible.”

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