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Spain’s Factorial Becomes Europe’s Latest Unicorn Raising Over €120 Million

Factorial based in Barcelona, Spain becomes one of the fastest growing company in HRtech space in Europe. With valuation of Raising funds of €1 Billion it wins in the list of Europe’s newest unicorn.

This HRtech Unicorn has plans to spread Worldwide and enhance its offerings to SMBs (Small and Midsize Businesses). Despite the instability of the current financial environment, businesses and organizations of all sizes need a strong HR management set up.

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For SMBs, controlling HR cycles can be a hassle, as they manage asset deficiency. Specially if they’re looking for a sustainable and cost effective HR management system.

“HR has gone through a seismic shift across every industry – from a focus on workforce control to the primary function of empowering and challenging your employees. Getting this right results in a key SMB strength: a close-knit, people-centric culture that many workers seek.” Factorial CEO and founder Jordi Romero expressed.

Factorial is well positioned, specifically resolving two interconnected issues that SMBs face, across the World and inside pretty much every market region.

Initiated in Barcelona, Factorial has grown its customer base from 70 to 7,000 since 2019, passing over nine worldwide business sectors; making Factorial likely the quickest developing organization in the business.

Factorial is already trusted and used by the likes of Freshly Cosmetics, Vicio, Booking.com, and Whisbi.

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