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Startup Dayta AI is Spying Shoppers

Computers are occasionally able to recognize patterns in picture data from cameras thanks to machine vision, also known as computer vision. Retailers can utilize Cyclops, a machine-learning program created by Hong Kong-based startup Dayta AI, to learn more about their consumers’ shopping experiences.

Why Cyclops? The Cyclops machine-learning technology recognizes patterns in the demographics, moods, and movements of customers through the stores. The data is then used by retailers to improve operational aspects including shop design, personnel, and in-store or offline marketing.

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Dayta AI needed infrastructure for Cyclops that could be scaled without requiring an initial capital investment due to its limited resources. It also sought an infrastructure whose maintenance wouldn’t be expensive. “A cloud infrastructure would help us keep our costs down because of the cloud’s pay-as-you-grow model. Plus, we could offload routine infrastructure management tasks to the cloud provider,”  says Patrick Tu.

When asked “Could you provide a store using these statistics to increase sales as an example?”

Tu replied, every two weeks, we assess product performance for a high-end fashion company and offer recommendations on how to change the displays so that popular products can be moved closer to the entrance or to locations with more foot traffic.

We monitor the length of the lines at a fast-food restaurant chain in real time. We would notify the shop managers once they crossed a certain point, and they would dispatch more employees to assist.

We also serve a food mart. The majority of their overall transaction values are made by women. But because they tended to purchase unnecessary items like frozen meat and fish, we discovered that males spent four times as much as women in each transaction.

Knowing this, the business increased the number of male-centric customer interaction programs. If they draw in more men as clients, they can increase their revenue.

Will traditional stores see the same level of personalization that we see in e-commerce?

Possibly not, When you enter a website, you can already be granted your permission. However, you truly need to fill out a form for offline stores. The approval of the public and local laws are important determining factors. There is currently a trend toward tightening [regulations]. Therefore, we do not envision such a future.

Millions of dollars are saved for customers

One of Cyclops’ major discoveries was the difference between the intended and actual client experiences in various display areas. A section with a 3-minute film about the history of cognac, for instance, received an average visit of only 30 seconds.

The company revamped the area, adding immersive displays and chairs, which led to a 200 percent increase in viewers’ time watching the film and an improvement in metrics measuring visitors’ emotions.

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