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Stripe Owned Atlas Can Help You Start Your Startup Today!

Stripe Owned Atlas

Start your company with just a few clicks by using Atlas, brought to you by Stripe.

  • Incorporate in the US from anywhere in the world.
  • Join more than 30,000 companies already using Atlas.
  • Get everything you need to run your business
  • Set up banking, payroll, accounting, cloud computing, and more with $100K in exclusive discounts.
  • Charge your customers—for free
  • Share a payment link, send an invoice, or embed checkout.
  • Stripe will also waive your first year of Stripe Payments fees

    Starting a new business can be a daunting and complex process, with many different factors to consider and challenges to overcome. One tool that can make the process easier and more streamlined is Stripe Owned Atlas.

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    Atlas is a comprehensive platform that provides everything you need to get your startup up and running quickly and efficiently. It offers a range of services, including legal assistance, tax guidance, and financial support, as well as access to a global network of advisors and investors.

    One of the key benefits of Atlas is that it helps you incorporate your business in the United States, even if you are located outside of the country. This can be especially useful for international entrepreneurs, as it allows you to take advantage of the favorable business climate in the US while still operating from your home country.

    In addition to helping you incorporate your business, Atlas also provides access to a range of other resources that can be critical for the success of your startup. This includes legal assistance with contracts, trademarks, and other legal issues, as well as tax guidance to help you navigate the complex world of taxes and compliance.

    Another key feature of Atlas is its financial support, which includes access to Stripe’s payment processing platform and a range of other financial tools and services. This can help you streamline your financial operations, making it easier to manage your finances and grow your business.

    Overall, Stripe Owned Atlas is a valuable resource for anyone looking to start a new business. It provides a range of services and support that can help you navigate the complex process of starting a startup and get your business up and running smoothly.

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