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The Unnoticed, “Cool Kid” Sneaker You Need in Your Closet

The Unnoticed, "Cool Kid" Sneaker You Need in Your Closet

Although pointy stiletto heels and ballet flats have returned to the fall 2023 runways, fashion insiders have their own go-to comfy shoe styles, from Adidas Sambas to chunky Crocs. Currently, Salomon, a French shoe company, is trending. In 2019, the gorpcore staple became a must-have item thanks to stars like Rihanna. Rihanna, predictably, was responsible for reviving the fad.

The MM6 Margiela x Salomon sneakers that her stylist, Jahleel Weaver, had picked out for her to wear during the Super Bowl halftime show were not one of the many surprises of the performance. There aren’t many pairs of shoes that would have made as much sense for a girl who has officially made it as cool as she is as the candy-red sleek pair. But this time, she isn’t the only one riding the Salomon wave.

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Salomons have come a long way from their days as the go-to footwear of dads everywhere to become a wardrobe staple for fashionistas and A-listers who refuse to compromise on chicness when running errands. In previous years, celebrities such as Lil Yachty, Dev Hynes, and Bella Hadid, everyone’s favorite street-style princess, helped propel the shoe into the mainstream. Famous people like Kylie Jenner, Pete Davidson, and Hailey Beiber have all been spotted wearing the Xt-6 style this year.

Hadid wore a pair of Salomons with her sporty, short tennis dress. Designer Sandy Liang, who is known for her subversive takes on pageant-ready style, often wears Salomons in her runway shows. Emily Ratajkowski’s Xt-6s were a nice contrast to her all-leather outfit, and Rihanna keeps it casual and often wears hers with similarly sporty or laid-back outfits.

Their rise to fame has been gradual but will accelerate in 2023. They have a simple look, and many of the most popular styles don’t need laces. They also come in a wide range of colors, which makes them appealing to people with different tastes. Salomons deserve praise because they are comfortable, stylish, and have a little bit of that “Je ne sais quoi” that is usually associated with France.

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