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Tiger Woods Supports Jay Monahan on PGA Tour Board

Tiger Woods Supports Jay Monahan on PGA Tour Board

In an effort to help the PGA Tour finalize its business relationship with the Saudi financiers of LIV Golf, Tiger Woods has joined the PGA Tour policy board for the first time in his 27 years as a professional golfer.

According to Monahan, Woods is joining the board as a player director, making him the sixth member and the first player to outnumber independent directors.

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This pivotal decision, made on Tuesday, comes after Monahan secretly met with Saudi executives and two board members to negotiate a partnership with the Saudi Arabia National Wealth Fund on a competing golf league.

Last year, Woods led a conference of select players in Delaware to reform the PGA Tour model and was one of the tour’s most vocal opponents of LIV Golf.

Woods issued a statement promising to do all in their power to ensure any modifications to tour operations are mutually beneficial. He appreciated Monahan taking into account player feedback.

After Tiger Woods said, “I have faith in him as he moves forward with these changes,” I was sure.

Despite never being part of the Player Advisory Council or the PGA Tour’s policy board, Woods has been the most influential player voice. Monahan and his predecessor, Tim Finchem, have sought out and listened to his thoughts and recommendations privately.


Why did Tiger Woods join the PGA Tour policy board?

Woods joined the board in August 2023 as a sixth-player director. This gives him a greater voice in the tour’s operations and decision-making process. Woods has been a vocal critic of the Saudi-backed LIV Golf League, and his support for Monahan is seen as a sign of his commitment to the PGA Tour.

What does Woods’ support for Monahan mean for the PGA Tour?

Woods’ support is a major boost for Monahan, who has been under fire from some players for his handling of the LIV Golf situation. Woods’ endorsement gives Monahan more credibility and legitimacy, and it could help to sway other players who are considering defecting to LIV Golf.

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