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Alejandro Agag discussing Racing’s New Frontier

Alejandro Agag discussing Racing's New Frontier

I have been part of some of the most exciting racing and green technology changes, like the jump from Extreme E to Extreme H.

Extreme E was established to share fresh transportation concepts and demonstrate how new technologies can battle climate change. When we use hydrogen in Extreme H, the magic molecule of the future of green power, we’re taking that goal to a new level.

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It was a beautiful launch event yesterday on the St. Helena along the River Thames. It began a new era in motorsport and the world’s first hydrogen racing series. What a wonderful moment it was.

It feels like the transition to Extreme H was a natural step. It shows how successful Extreme E is and how dedicated we are to always pushing the limits of what’s possible. We still want to make a groundbreaking racing series that promotes sustainability, women’s rights, and exciting competition. But with hydrogen, we’re moving into a cleaner energy field that looks even better.

Hydrogen has a huge amount of promise. It’s about making green power options for small communities and major cities, not simply electric automobiles. Extreme H tests the hydrogen ecosystem, including charging, transportation, and market development, as well as hydrogen as a fuel. This fits with our bigger goal of using less fossil fuels and getting to net-zero pollution.

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Focus on Green Technology

Extreme H’s part in the energy shift is what I find most interesting about it. We are going to use green hydrogen, which is made from natural energy and doesn’t release any pollution. This makes it the most eco-friendly and long-lasting way to get hydrogen. We’re setting a new standard by being the first motorsports championship to use green hydrogen. This gives energy companies a unique place to test and create hydrogen solutions.

Just as exciting, if not more so, will be the race itself. Our racing format, which is full of action, lets us get the most out of the hydrogen fuel, which means peak speed and nonstop excitement.

Fans can still look forward to exciting fights on the track, but now they will be powered by cutting-edge, eco-friendly technology. The lessons we learned from Extreme E will continue to shape our series. Our revolutionary gender equality approach, including equal numbers of male and female drivers, will be carried over.

The performance gap between male and female drivers has shrunk a lot, which has led to some of the most exciting and competitive races. Along with our dedication to new ideas and the environment, this will continue to be what Extreme H stands for.

Working with groups that share our goals for sustainability has been very important to our success. Their help has been very important in moving the title forward, and we hope to keep working together in the future with hydrogen.

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Extreme H Takes Flight: Unveiling the Red Bull Partnership and a Hydrogen Future

At the official launch, it was great to show off the Pioneer 25 in a special Red Bull paint. This marked the start of the championship’s official energy drink partnership with the company. We’re excited to work with a big name like Red Bull on our new racing project.

Starting this trip with Extreme H feels a lot like the early days of Formula E: full of exploration and new places to go. The initial step is the most crucial, and we’re ready to demonstrate hydrogen’s future use in transportation.

Extreme H is the start of a new part of our plan to improve electric vehicles and extreme racing. It shows our dedication to developing cutting-edge green technologies that will keep our championship at the top of advances in clean energy. We want to keep being the best at what we do by staying true to our values and using the power of motorsport to bring attention to the climate problem.

This change will not only make racing faster and more exciting, but it will also be a big step forward in finding ways to use hydrogen as a clean and powerful energy source. Motorsport is in an exciting time, and I’m proud and grateful to the whole team for all the work they’ve done to help it grow so far. I’m also excited to be a part of this new stage.

It’s not over yet; the Race for the Planet has only just started.


What is Extreme H?

Extreme H is a new motorsports championship that uses green hydrogen as its fuel source. It aims to be a sustainable and environmentally friendly racing series while pushing the boundaries of hydrogen technology.

How is Extreme H different from other racing series?

Unlike traditional racing series that rely on fossil fuels, Extreme H focuses on green hydrogen, promoting its potential for clean transportation. The races also take place in unique locations around the world, highlighting the impact climate change has on different environments.

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