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You Can Now Pre-Order Citizen’s Gen-2 CZ Smart Watch, Endorsed by Tony Hawk

You Can Now Pre-Order Citizen's Gen-2 CZ Smart Watch, Endorsed by Tony Hawk

Pre-orders for Citizen’s CZ Smart PQ2, a second-generation wristwatch endorsed by Tony Hawk, went live today.

The YouQ wellness app is included in the Wear OS-powered Gen-2 CZ Smart PQ2, which Citizen promotes as a “wearable self-care advisor” to help you get the most out of your workouts and recover faster. It was first shown off at CES in January. The YouQ app predicts your mental and physical energy levels for the next 24 hours using data from NASA’s Ames Research Centre and AI models developed with IBM Watson. This allows you to schedule your day and your workouts around your energy peaks and valleys.

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Hawk told PCMag that after many weeks of using the Gen-2 CZ Smart PQ2 and the YouQ app beta, he is “hooked.” Power Fixes are tips for improving your health that is validated by science and included in the Citizen app. Nutritional advice and alternative therapies like acupressure and tapping may be offered.

“I wear it when I skate, and I’ve learned that my peak performance is mid-day, so that’s when I try to get the most skating in,” Hawk told PCMag about his obsession with the device’s wellness input. “When I was younger, I pretty much skated nonstop; when I wasn’t in school, I was at the skate park or the ramp every chance I got. Now that I’m older and have more responsibilities, as well as having to plan ahead, I now have to factor in time for recovery.

Tony Broke His Femur

The 54-year-old skateboarding legend, who missed much of 2022 due to a broken femur, also shared his thoughts on competing in Skateboard Vert Best Trick at the X Games Japan 2023 next month. Hawk says he’s “on the right recovery path” after undergoing a second operation to relocate the shattered bone in November, but that training has been “challenging, to say the least.”

Skating “moves or techniques that I used to be able to do easily” do not come as naturally to Hawk as they once did. Maintaining morale requires recognizing and praising even the smallest of daily successes, he said.

This is the first time I’ve ever tried any of these new maneuvers,” Hawk added. That has been fantastic!

The skateboarder says that new gadgets like the CZ Smart PQ2 watch help him stay young at heart and on top of his game.

Hawk expressed his gratitude for being born in the modern era. If I had tried to become a professional skateboarder 20 years ago, I would have been laughed out of the sport. You wouldn’t dream of doing something like that. It’s true that I’m able to keep performing at a period in my life when most individuals would have figured it was best to either retire from the stage or at least avoid doing so in public thanks to the convenience of today’s technology.

Citizen CZ Smart PQ2 smartwatch pricing

The second generation Citizen CZ Smart PQ2 smartwatch ranges in price from $350 to $435 and is available in three different designs: sport touch screen, casual touch screen, and hybrid. The 1.28-inch AMOLED display is standard on the touchscreen variants, while the 1.1-inch backlit E Ink display with analog hands is standard on the hybrid model for a more classic appearance.

Pre-orders for the touchscreen versions are being accepted today, with deliveries beginning in early May. The pre-order period for hybrid vehicles will begin on May 1, with an expected delivery date of May 27.

The watch is compatible with the Citizen Connected app on both iOS and Android devices running the latest software (save for Go Edition versions and devices without the Google Play Store). Touchscreen models will need to be charged every day, while the hybrid version offers an amazing 18 days on a charge.

Amazon Alexa is standard on all of them, and there are a number of other important fitness and lifestyle apps, including Spotify, Strava, and YouTube Music, available on the touchscreen variants. The Gen-2 CZ Smart PQ2 appears to be an attractive Wear OS smartwatch based on its promised specifications and features; stay tuned for our in-depth review.

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