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Among The Many Components of Tesla’s New $3.6 Billion Nevada Investment is a ‘High-Volume’ Semi Factory

Among the many components of Tesla's new $3.6 billion Nevada investment is a 'high-volume' Semi factory

According to a blog post, Tesla plans to invest more than $3.6 billion into its Reno, Nevada, Gigafactory, with some of the money being used to construct its “first high-volume Semi factory.”

After much delay, Tesla finally delivered the first of its electric Semi trucks to PepsiCo in December. Since then, the production of new vehicles has increased dramatically. Unfortunately, Tesla’s blog post doesn’t reveal when the factory is expected to open or how many trucks it might produce on a regular basis.

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Tesla plans to use its Nevada investment for more than just the Semi factory; it also hopes to construct a 100 GWh 4680 battery cell factory there, with the “capacity to produce enough batteries for 2 million light-duty vehicles annually.” This would require the hiring of an additional 3,000 people. The company claims that the Gigafactory can produce up to 37 GWh of batteries annually, or enough for about 500,000 vehicles.

Tesla has talked a lot about the battery cells made at the Nevada Gigafactory, where it is said to have spent $6.2 billion. But Tesla has been criticized for how the Gigafactory has affected the city of Reno and for allegedly spying on its employees and hiding drug trafficking. Reports say that the company wants to add a Gigafactory in Mexico to the ones it already has in New York, China, Germany, and Texas.

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