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Big Things Are in Store For ChatGPT From Microsoft’s Bing Search

Big Things are in Store for ChatGPT From Microsoft's Bing Search

Microsoft is reportedly trying to implement OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology into its Bing search engine.

To understand why this is significant: Bing has lagged far behind Google for years, but the company hopes that its new AI-powered chatbot will attract new users.

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Microsoft has invested $1 billion into OpenAI and has a business arrangement that gives it first rights to commercial use of various technologies, according to rumors.

  • Dall-E 2, another OpenAI product, was added to Microsoft’s new Designer app and Bing’s Image Creator tool last year.
  • In addition to reselling GPT, Microsoft has been reselling other OpenAI technologies to multinational corporations.

Large language models, the type of AI that drives ChatGPT, have been rumored to upend Google’s current monopoly in the search market.

  • A search engine built in the style of ChatGPT would provide immediate answers to questions rather than merely lists of related resources.
  • Even though it might benefit users, it could hurt companies that rely on advertising revenue from search engines.

Google has been developing equivalent software but has been sluggish in making it available to the general public so far.

  • However, according to the New York Times, CEO Sundar Pichai has become worried in recent weeks, calling ChatGPT a “code red” moment for the company.

While this is true, search engines like Google and Bing have been making strides to provide more definitive results for users’ queries in recent years.

  • The conversational AI system ChatGPT can give striking answers in a natural tone of voice, but it can also be confidently wrong.

Their exact words were: “Microsoft and Open AI reps both declined to provide comments.”

  • The Information asked ChatGPT how it could help improve Bing, and ChatGPT said that because it “understands and responds to user queries in their natural language,” it would be more convenient for users than having to type in keywords.

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