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Discord is Mandating That All Users Change Their Names

Discord is Mandating That All Users Change Their Names

Get to work on that new Discord handle right away.

This is because, as stated in a Discord blog post, the well-liked gaming-oriented chat program will be undergoing a significant overhaul in the near future. It’s true that we’ll soon no longer be appending a four-digit “discriminator” code to the end of each login. Everyone will have to create a brand-new, distinct username as a result.

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In a blog post, Discord developers admitted that they were trying to make their software more like Facebook or Twitter. After the update, it will look and function most like Twitter, with users having distinct back-end usernames (beginning with @, of course) and public display names that are shared. The four-digit code once allowed for the sharing of usernames, but this is no longer possible. However, display names are not affected by this change.

The post provides a number of good arguments in support of this position. Sharing your Discord username with another person has gotten increasingly time-consuming over the years if you don’t have the four-digit code memorized. However, because usernames are case-sensitive, this won’t prevent the wrong person from being located.

However, this shift has upset several of my friends, whose main concern is that it may be too easy to track me down now. Because of its intimate nature, many Discord users may prefer to remain untraceable. They’ll have to improvise fresh strategies to achieve their goal.

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