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Disney Restores Walt’s Gulfstream Private Plane

Disney Restores Walt's Gulfstream Private Plane

The Grumman Gulfstream I aircraft that once belonged to Walt Disney made its debut this month at its new home in the Palm Springs Air Museum, an archive of Walt Disney Productions.

Walt Disney utilized the plane to do observation work on what was then known as Project X, which would later become Disney World.

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The kitchen was completely stocked, and one of the appliances was a hot cup for reheating Walt’s favorite chili.

The airplane was broken down at Disney World, before being loaded onto four flatbed trucks to the D23 Expo in California. Following the convention, the plane was then dismantled once again and trucked back to Palm Springs.

The Walt Disney Company has restored only the exterior of the Mickey Mouse One Gulfstream jet for now but hopes to restore the interior also in the future.

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