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AMC is Transforming Cinemas into Zoom Rooms for Large-Screen Videoconferencing

AMC & Zoom

AMC is collaborating with Zoom to transform a few of its movie theaters into large videoconferencing rooms that can accommodate 75 to 150 people for meetings that require maximum impact. AMC will also provide “food and beverage options, potential movie viewings, and concierge-style specialized handling of meeting needs,” albeit at an additional expense.

AMC & ZOOM’s plan

The theatre company claims that employers may book theatres around the country online when planning a meeting, so their employees can have a comparable experience on the call. When you reserve the service, you’ll receive a three-hour block at the theatre of your choice, with AMC and Zoom providing the “essential equipment for a fully functional Zoom Rooms experience.”

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The service will not be available at every AMC theatre; the firm only plans to introduce it in “up to 17 major U.S. markets” in 2019.

The press release promotes the move as a way to connect distant employees by giving them a “centrally positioned location” in towns that aren’t necessarily near your company’s headquarters. The collaboration makes sense from a commercial standpoint since it enables AMC to generate revenue from theaters that may have been vacant throughout the day.

AMC’s Earnings

Even if its Q2 earnings report revealed that the company is performing substantially better than it did in 2020 or 2021, AMC is still likely to declare losses during its Q3 earnings call on Tuesday.

As someone who has attended numerous Zoom meetings, I believe the theater experience may be somewhat overwhelming. It is challenging to picture any of them being enhanced by AMC’s “state-of-the-art sight and sound technologies.”

AMC also mentions that Zoom Rooms at AMC can be used for “in-person events” and for businesses to offer information to clients. That seems like a more entertaining application of the technology; I can imagine people going to their local movie theater to watch a Comic-Con panel or an announcement from their favorite gadget manufacturer.

About Zoom: Zoom is a way for people to talk to each other through video, audio, phone, and chat. You need an internet connection and a device that works with Zoom to use it. Most people who want to use Zoom for the first time will want to start by making an account and downloading the Zoom Client for Meetings.

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