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Ed Sheeran’s ‘Intimate Subtract Tour’ Brings Fans Closer to the Music – Full Schedule

Ed Sheeran - Intimate Subtract Tour

Ed Sheeran has recently announced on social media his upcoming tour titled ‘Intimate Subtract Tour’. In an Instagram post, Sheeran revealed that he will be playing some smaller theatre shows in the US this summer, allowing him to perform his 2021 album, ‘Subtract,’ in its entirety with a full band in an intimate setting.

The ‘Shape of You’ singer shared the exciting news with his fans, encouraging them to sign up for on-sale access by following the link in his Instagram stories. Tickets for the tour are set to go on sale on Tuesday, May 2nd, 2023.

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Sheeran’s decision to play smaller venues for this tour is a departure from his usual arena-sized shows. This choice allows him to connect with fans in a more intimate and personal setting, while also giving him the opportunity to showcase the songs from his latest album.

‘Subtract,’ released in 2021, features the hit singles ‘Bad Habits,’ ‘Visiting Hours,’ and ‘Shivers,’ and has been widely praised by fans and critics alike. With the upcoming tour, fans can expect to hear the album’s tracks live, accompanied by Sheeran’s signature raw and soulful vocals.

The ‘Intimate Subtract Tour’ is sure to be a memorable experience for fans, and tickets are expected to sell out quickly. So, if you’re a fan of Ed Sheeran’s music and want to catch him live in a smaller, more intimate setting, be sure to sign up for on-sale access and get your tickets before they’re gone.

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