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Flyana Boss, the TikTok FYP Rap Duo

Flyana Boss, the TikTok FYP Rap Duo

A couple recording themselves for a TikTok video on a recent hot summer day in Hollywood didn’t stand out from the crowd of other content creators hoping to make it big. It seemed like a standard Los Angeles influencer shoot, with a videographer documenting their exciting stunt and a small entourage.

On the other hand, Folayan Kunerede and Bobbi Tyler, better known as Flyana Boss, are no longer considered underground musicians. With over 700,000 fans and a viral video for their track “You Wish,” they have become successful musicians with the help of TikTok. They were being recognized by fans as they recorded their footage on a busy Los Angeles street.

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The rap duo’s meteoric rise began on June 16, when Flyana Boss uploaded a TikTok video of themselves running while lip-syncing the line “Hello Christ? I’m about to commit another sin.”

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Rap Duo’s TikTok Video Goes Viral By Accident

“I wish I could say, like, we knew exactly what we were doing, but we didn’t,” Tyler admitted. To quote, “We were just going for it.”

They had come to the Walk of Fame to film a new music video in which they lip-sync to their song while running full speed down the busy tourist boulevard, dodging pedestrians.

They worked with a videographer to come up with the concept for the videos.

”I just had the idea one day of having our videographer, Evan Blum, stand in a corner and hold the camera while I ran,” Tyler explained. But when we mentioned it to Evan, he confidently declared, “I can run,” and he did just that.

After receiving requests for further videos, the couple realized they had a hit on their hands.

According to Kunerede, “People started commenting, ‘Oh, you should do it here,'” To which Evan responded, “Let’s keep running.”

Their efforts were successful. Since their first film, the pair has posted eleven more running videos in similarly risky and busy settings, such as Disneyland, In-N-Out Burger, and the Santa Monica Pier. There have been millions of views on the videos.

Tyler claims the song’s “hard” lyrics have struck a chord with listeners, but she also acknowledges the significant impact of the duo’s music videos.

She remarked, “The cinematography is fantastic, and we’re accomplishing something.” “It’s just one female and then another one catches up to us while we’re running. There are so many exciting details that make it stand out.

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