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Victoria Beckham Will Rejoin the Spice Girls

Victoria Beckham Will Rejoin the Spice Girls

Next year will reportedly see Victoria Beckham’s return to the Spice Girls for their 30th-anniversary reunion.

It’s been said that the 49-year-old designer will hit the road in 2024 with fellow Spice Girls Emma Bunton, Geri Horner, Mel Brown, and Mel Chisholm.

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As part of their massive 30th-anniversary plans, the 90s pop legends are reportedly contemplating a headlining spot on Glastonbury’s Pyramid stage.

After failing to return as Posh Spice for the band’s final reunion tour in 2019, Victoria Beckham appears to have rejoined the group.

‘Victoria will be 50 next year, and the ladies turning 30 sounds like two anniversaries too lovely to miss,’ a source told The Sun.

No new music will be released, and Victoria Beckham has made it clear that she has no interest in performing live again unless an extraordinary chance presents itself.

“The band has been in talks to headline Glastonbury, and this would sit with Victoria’s ‘cool’ aesthetic and, certainly, hubby David and their four children would love it.”

Netflix and Apple TV are reportedly interested in acquiring the rights to a Spice Girls documentary featuring never-before-seen material.

MailOnline has reached out to Victoria’s camp for comment.

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London Olympics Marks End of an Era for Iconic Ensemble

In 2012, at the London Olympics, the ensemble performed as a five-piece for the last time.

Many fans were let down by the 2019 Spice Girls reunion, which featured only Sporty, Ginger, Baby, and Scary.

Mel B recently hinted, without elaborating on their specific plans, that this would not be the case for their next endeavor.

Mel B told The Daily Telegraph, “We are doing something together as the Spice Girls and it has always been me kind of championing everyone together.”

However, Victoria was the one to finally suggest, “Come on, let’s all do something” this time around. So, we are working on something that we hope to share with you shortly.

The group shot to stardom in the late ’90s, selling 100 million albums around the world thanks to smash tunes like “Wannabe” and “2 Become 1.

Despite speculations to the contrary about members of the group arguing following their 2000 breakup, Emma, now 46, has indicated that they will always have an excellent friendship.

She told MailOnline in December 2022, “Nobody else will ever understand that relationship between us.”

From raising kids to juggling careers, we’ve gone through it all and continue to face challenges every day. A strong connection exists between you.

Seven years after splitting up in the year 2000, they got back together for a tour and the release of the song Headlines (Friendship Never Ends).


When will Victoria Beckham rejoin the Spice Girls?

There is no official announcement yet, but Mel B has said that the Spice Girls will release a statement soon. It is possible that Victoria Beckham will rejoin the group for a one-off performance or a new project.

What will Victoria Beckham do when she rejoins the Spice Girls?

It is not clear what Victoria Beckham will do when she rejoins the Spice Girls. She has said in the past that she does not want to tour again, so it is possible that she will only participate in special projects.

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