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Ford’s newest electric van, the E-Transit Courier, is a highly efficient and space-saving business option

Ford E Transit Courier 3

Ford finally unveiled its third electric van, the E-Transit Courier, for the European market on Thursday after months of hyping the all-electric tiny van.

In 2020, Ford will release the E-Transit, an electric version of the company’s best-selling and adaptable Transit vehicle.

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The E-Transit has quickly risen to the top of its segment in both North America and Europe since deliveries began in June of last year.

Ford’s electric van is a game-changer in the commercial transportation industry since it comes standard with Ford Pro’s “one-stop shop” suite of goods, which includes software, charging, services, finance, and more.

Companies of all sizes are using the E-Transit to cut down on their carbon footprints, from Coke Canada to the United States Postal Service.

To further reduce emissions from transportation, the E-Transit is being turned into a Type A electric school bus and camper van.

Ford went even further, unveiling the E-Transit Custom, an all-electric version of Europe’s best-selling cargo van that the company likens to a “smartphone on wheels.”

Ford claims that the improved efficiency measures on the E-Transit Custom, a business electric van with a WLTP range of 380 km (approximately 236 miles), can save clients up to an hour every week.

The E-Transit Courier is Ford’s newest product

Ford has added the E-Transit Courier, a tiny electric van, to its inventory.

On Thursday, American carmaker Ford said that its new E-Transit Courier will include a 25% larger cargo capacity and a more adaptable cargo area, in addition to Ford Pro’s connected, all-in-one services.

The cargo volume of the E-Transit Courier has expanded to 2.9 m3 thanks to its redesigned body design and larger dimensions, making it possible to transport two Euro pallets for the first time. The trunk has a normal capacity of 44 liters.

Ford claims that the electric van’s 100 kW engine can add 87 km of range in 10 minutes and that it can charge from 10% to 80% in less than 35 minutes. The vehicle also boasts plug-and-charge functionality, one-pedal driving capabilities, and DC rapid charging ability up to 100 kW.

Ford installed a redesigned “Squircle” steering wheel, a “digiboard” with a 12-inch digital cluster, a 12-inch SYNC 4 touchscreen, and a floating instrument panel to increase efficiency within the vehicle. The Office Pack comes with a foldable, flat work table, perfect for using a laptop or writing notes while on the go.

Non-scheduled maintenance costs for the E-Transit are expected to be 35% lower than those for diesel-powered vehicles, according to the company.

Ford is offering a free year of Ford Pro E-Telematics to fleet owners with five or more vehicles to improve EV fleet management. This service provides real-time charging status updates, vehicle-specific state of charge, remaining range statistics, and more.

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