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Fusion Raises $20 M for Israeli Startups pre-Seed

Fusion Raises $20 M for Israeli Startups pre-Seed

Fusion, an accelerator, announced on Thursday that its $20 million fund had successfully closed. Fusion VC backs Israeli entrepreneurs who are creating pre-Seed firms. Since its inception a year ago, the fund has closed on over 30 investments in Israeli start-ups. Fusion plans to make 60-80 further investments by 2026.

Gigi Levy-Weiss, Liad Agmon, Ofer Ben-Noon, and over 70 additional serial entrepreneurs and venture capitalists from Israel and the United States are among the fund’s backers. Daniel Shinar, Michael Ronen, Perry Wallack, Hagi Schwartz, Hemi Zucker, Clancey Stahr, and Shani Zanescu are among the fund’s special advisors.

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When a startup is between the concept phase and the initial product/revenue phase, Fusion will invest $150,000. The company aspires to be Israel’s pre-Seed market leader by being the first check-in and offering entrepreneurs a value-add platform beyond the cash investment, much like Y Combinator does. The California offices of Fusion’s platform, as well as direct access and introductions to possible investors, mentors, advisers, and customers, help entrepreneurs who are aiming for the American market.

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Fusion is a venture capital firm that was founded in 2017 by Guy Katsovich and Yair Vardi

It was in 2017 that Guy Katsovich and Yair Vardi established Fusion. Agora, DigitalOwl, Base.ai, Innplay Labs, and Hoopo are just a few of the over 100 firms in which Fusion has invested since 2010. There are more than 20 percent of female founders at companies in Fusion’s portfolio, and 70 percent of those companies have raised capital after participating in the program, averaging $2.5 million.

Fusion hosts a boot camp in Tel Aviv twice yearly, attended by prominent investors and business owners. The founders attend a three-week roadshow in Silicon Valley, New York, and Los Angeles after a two-month intensive boot camp. During this time, they interact with American investors and mentors.

After graduating from Fusion’s accelerator program, founders are invited to join Fusion’s alumni network, where they will have access to a wealth of resources, including workshops and forums addressing topics including fundraising, late-stage company management, hiring, sales, and collaborations.

Co-founder Guy Katsovich of Fusion commented, “At a time when investments in Israel have declined by 75% compared to last year, we believe it is a great time to continue investing in Israeli companies and take risks where other angels and venture capital firms may hesitate or stall.” “We have been one of the most active ‘under the radar’ investors over the past five years, putting money into more than a hundred different businesses. Instead of slowing down, as has been the tendency in recent years, we intend to keep moving forward at the same rapid clip.


What kind of startups is Fusion looking to invest in?

Fusion is looking to invest in early-stage Israeli startups that have a strong team, a clear vision, and a large addressable market.

What are the benefits of being a Fusion portfolio company?

Fusion portfolio companies benefit from access to Fusion’s network of investors, mentors, and advisors. They also benefit from Fusion’s hands-on approach to helping startups succeed.

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