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Swedish Entrepreneur Wants Ikea-Like $11,000 Flat-Pack EVs

Luvly Swedish Entrepreneur Wants Ikea-Like $11,000 Flat-Pack EVs

The Luvly O is what Ikea’s electric vehicle concept would look like.

The Swedish company is trying to persuade buyers that small urban EVs are better for the environment and cause less traffic than more popular vehicles like the Ford F-150 Lightning or Tesla Model Y.

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When compared to competing micro EVs, how does it stand out? The goal is to save shipping emissions and costs by having individual car pieces flat-packed like an Ikea Malm, Kallax, or Billy and then assembled at “micro-factories” close to clients.

Read on to find out more about the Luvly O:

The Luvly O is their debut product, having launched in 2015. It estimates that it will go live in the second half of 2023.

The cute tiny EV is an attempt to address some serious issues by being less expensive, more efficient, and safer than competing electric vehicles.

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“Luvly has founded on the belief that the negative aspects of cars — environmental harm, cost, danger to pedestrians and other road-users, space inefficiency,” stated Hkan Lutz, CEO and founder of Luvly.

The estimated price of the car is around $10,700, or 10,000 euros.

It can reach speeds of about 56 mph, making it suitable for long highway trips. However, you should keep them brief because the Luvly O has a maximum range of only about 60 kilometers.

Users can avoid waiting at a charging station by simply swapping in a fresh set of batteries.

It should be easy to find a parking spot, as it is around the size of a Smart Car.

Luvly promises even more city-centric models in the future.

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