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Grants of $150,000 Will be Distributed at Daymond John’s Black Entrepreneurs Day at The Apollo Theater

Grants of $150,000 Will be Distributed at Daymond John's Black Entrepreneurs Day at The Apollo Theater

On October 27, a star-studded event will be broadcasted live from the Apollo Theater, featuring provocative discussions, music, and grants for Black entrepreneurs. 

Business visionary & Shark Tank Investor Daymond John created Black Entrepreneurs Day in 2020 to help the Black community, following the disturbance brought about by that year’s police cruelty. Introduced by Chase, it is currently a worldwide streaming show and occasion to help “construct organizations instead of consuming them,” he says. John’s objective isn’t just to motivate and teach business people yet additionally to set out substantial open doors and genuine monetary help for Black business owners across the U.S.

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At the point when inquired as to why Black Entrepreneurs need this particular day, John refers to a model from his own experiences: “I didn’t go into the banks when I was a kid because I just thought the banks were evil and they worked all for the government. I didn’t know that cash is trash. I didn’t know what good debt was against bad debt. I would have gone to more things like this for a better understanding of financial literacy.”

Following the outcome of last year’s massive event, which had an audience of almost 7 million and presented $250,000 through NAACP grants, 2022’s show vows to be considerably more effective. It unites probably the best Black Business VIPs and other social icons, incorporating breakout meetings with Shaquille O’Neal, Tracee Ellis Ross, Venus Williams, and Spike Lee, to give some examples.

The occasion will be shot and streamed from Harlem’s incredibly popular Apollo Theater with a melodic exhibition by the rapper Big Sean. John has very clear memories of watching the best Black performers perform at the Apollo on TV from his life as a youngster in his then home, expecting to see the venue in person. “Now I’m able to book out the Apollo Theater and give away hundreds of thousands of dollars to people who will be the next Daymond John and pay it forward. So, I think it’s the American story, full circle,” he says.

Flaunting strong companies like Pursue, Google, and Lowe’s, the occasion unites brands focused on investing into this. An example is The Build Black with Shopify Pitch Competition, in which 3 Businessmen with get the chance to live pitch from Apollo with 3 Judges analysing it. The winning pitch will be awarded $25,000 to help their idea and grow the business.

The event is likewise offering $150,000 to Black businesses and entrepreneurs through the NAACP Powershift Grant. Applications for the award are presently open and will close on Wednesday, October 12, so sign up for the NAACP grant. In case you can’t go to this cool event in Harlem, you can watch it live on October 27 at 7 p.m. ET at BlackEntrepreneursDay.com and their streaming partner will be Facebook.

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