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Why a Product Should Not be Built Before Uncovering a Customer Who Actually Needs it

Why a Product Should Not be Built Before Uncovering a Customer who Actually Needs it

Business Tycoon Ron Ben-Zeev has built organizations across various ventures; including cloud software and real ­estate. However his current com­pany, World Housing Solution – a three-time Inc. 5000 honoree based in Sanford, Florida almost failed as he ­didn’t keep a standard guideline of entre­pre­neur­ship.

Around 11 years ago, he ignored the advice he gave to everyone else: “Don’t build something without making sure people want it.” It’s a lesson he’d known before but just had to learn again. He’d been counseling an organization, Insulated Com­ponent Structures of Florida that had figured out how to construct pre-assembled structures in a budget and in only a few weeks, transport them flat, and assemble the parts anywhere in the world within a couple of hours.

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“In 2010, just as they were launching their product, a massive earthquake struck Haiti and they saw a market opportunity to leverage their temporary shelters for displaced victims. FEMA‘s answer was to put with those individuals in tents, but they resolved a problem by providing their own shelters.”

Depending upon the application; the fiberglass composite structures which cost about $80 per square foot included everything from doors, windows, and lights to thermal insulation and HVAC systems. They were also immune to mold, mildew, rot, termites, and stood up to earthquakes and hurricanes.

Keeping this in mind, they relaunched the com­pany as World Housing Solution and pitched it to FEMA. The idea did not fly with FEMA and they stated that a tent was good enough.

In the first few months of that disaster it turned out that the tents were a better solution to the problem instead of their sturdier, heavier, larger structures.

Fortunately, a couple of months after realizing this fact, he was approached by a buyer with the U.S. Navy, who inquired as to whether they could customize the designs to their specifications. And they agreed.

The U.S. military, with its drawn out missions across multiple locations, ended up being the ideal client for their product. Due to the Navy asking the for these custom structures; they could make units that were ballistic, natural disaster resistant, and heat-resistant, as well as being portable and adaptable.

This highlights to really never give, as there are always other ways to find clients and customers for your idea or concept.

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