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How to Use Google’s New AI Music Generator

How to Use Google's New AI Music Generator

Google’s AI has moved into the realm of music, as we (kind of) anticipated prior to Google I/O 2023, and you can put its talents to use right now if you’re allowed into the public beta.

MusicLM is a product that Google has been developing for some time but is only now making available to the general public. Like other forms of generative AI like ChatGPT, Dall-E, and the plethora of ChatGPT alternatives out there, MusicLM begins with a written prompt like “a suspenseful melody with strings for walking through a haunted house” and attempts to compose a piece for you based on what you said.

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It’s capable of composing songs using a wide variety of instruments and vocalists, albeit its robotic singers won’t be belting out any lyrics. The singing sounds more like noises that hint at a song than an actual performance.

There are further restrictions placed on AI. First of all, MusicLM isn’t very precise, and the songs it generates tend to sound the same – though this is a problem we’ve encountered with nearly every generative AI. After all, you can’t expect it to come up with anything truly original if all it does is combine pieces of music it’s heard before, nor can you expect it to comprehend why particular pieces of music evoke particular feelings.

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The AI won’t replicate human composers either

Another issue is that the AI won’t copy human composers when making music. Thus, you may request a Western or hip-hop song from it, but not one by artists like Lil Nas X or Taylor Swift. If you try to request artwork in a specific artist’s style, you will receive an error message requesting a different prompt. Although some may consider this as a drawback of MusicLM, many artists would regard this as an advantage.

First, click the Get Started button on the MusicLM homepage. If you aren’t already a part of Google’s AI Test Kitchen and thus don’t have access to the new tool, a message will appear explaining that access is being gradually granted to small groups of testers and that you can sign up to be one of them.

Click the “Register your interest” button to be led to a brief survey asking about your background and why you’re interested in joining the Test Kitchen. If you aren’t already signed in with your Google account, you’ll be prompted to do so at the survey’s conclusion in order to be added to the waiting list.

Create an account with Google if you haven’t already.

You will not have immediate access to MusicLM once you have finished this survey and joined the queue. You’ll have to sign up for Google’s new AI service and wait to receive an email from the company granting you access, just like with the Google Bard generative AI.

When it comes to AI in music, MusicLM is just the beginning, but not everyone is satisfied with the route it’s headed. Does Spotify or Grimes have a better approach to this growing trend? Is AI the long-term sound of music, or just a passing trend?


How do AI music generators work?

These AI music creators rely heavily on deep learning, which is based on analyzing massive datasets. You amass a large library of songs, analyze them, and then feed that information into an AI.

Is MusicLM available to use?

MusicLM, developed by Google’s AI team, may now be used by anybody. Users, however, need to sign up for a waiting list before they can have access to this cutting-edge resource. The information that users provide while interacting with the app will also be utilized to fine-tune the AI’s training.

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