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Joe Rogan opens anti-cancel comedy club: ‘I’m drunk and on mushrooms in my new club!’

Joe Rogan opens anti-cancel comedy club: ‘I’m drunk and on mushrooms in my new club!’

Fans who shout down Joe Rogan’s jokes will be shut out of his new comedy club.

This month, the comedian and podcaster opened Comedy Mothership, a club in Austin, Texas that features a lineup of “canceled” comedians like David Lucas, Ron White, Tim Dillon, Tony Hinchcliffe, and Roseanne Barr.

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Says the drunk guy in the new club while high on mushrooms: Rogan, 55, said, “This is the highest I’ve ever been onstage. This is the moment I must connect with you.

Rogan claimed he wanted to make a place where comics could feel comfortable sharing bleak humor without worrying about their shows getting axed.

You can’t kick me out of my own club, b-ch!” Rogan yelled.

The debut show at Comedy Mothership on March 7 sold out in minutes, with $40 tickets being resold for $500 online.

In his own words, “I felt compelled to do it… As someone who has no desire to run their own comedy club, I’ve always felt that it was best to at least be cordial to those who did. When I finally decided to move to Austin, I discovered that the Capital City Comedy Club had closed. Maybe I should just go out and buy a f*cking club and open up shop, I thought. Rogan said, “That became my main priority,” on Theo Von’s podcast.

If you plan on visiting the alien-themed club on Sixth Street, you should probably check out the comedians who will be performing there beforehand.

People have different tastes in comedy, and not everyone will enjoy the same acts. The Comedy Mothership website states, “You can get a sense of the headliner’s style and performance by watching a YouTube clip or reading their biography.

Many in the audience found it hilarious that the comedians did not shy away from discussing controversial subjects like the LGBTQ+ community and anti-Semitism.

As seen on “Roseanne,” actress and comedian Rosanne Barr vented her frustration with the “cancel culture” to viewers. It “really f—ing pissed me off” that “the same f—ing libtards” had called her a racist after she’d spent 30 years fighting ABC for the inclusion of black writers and black characters in her show, she said.

Saying, “I want to thank Joe for building this wonderful Mothership for comedians,” Barr thanked Joe for creating the venue. Everyone up in the green room is drunk and smoking weed, and it’s fantastic.

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