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The Average Apple Customer Is Relatively Young

The Average Apple Customer Is Relatively Young

According to a new survey, the largest demographic of Apple customers is comprised of members of Generation Z and the youngest cohort of Millennials. Moreover, the younger generations aren’t particularly attached to any particular device, and they make up the bulk of Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and Mac users.

The studies were conducted by CIRP, a research firm that claims to have followed Apple for over a decade. The firm reportedly does so by regularly polling 500 recent Apple hardware buyers and then drawing conclusions from the results.

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According to the most recent CIRP study, “The Apple Ecosystem Age Profile Works,” Apple positions itself in the market as a younger brand across all of its devices. Researchers were curious as to whether or not Mac, iPad, and iPhone users shared a common enthusiasm for Apple’s wares.

What did you find? About half of all iPhone, iPad, and Mac owners, according to a summary by 9to5Mac, are between the ages of 18 and 34. This distribution is fairly consistent across devices, with Mac ownership trending slightly younger. Not even half of those who own an Apple product are over the age of 45.

CIRP has just recently provided several segmentations of Apple users: Researchers have found that users of the more expensive (and fragile) iPhone 14 prefer bright colors (especially “deep purple”) to the more traditional black or off-white iPhones, while those with the iPhone 12 and SE have a strong preference for black or midnight shades. Additionally, Apple Watch owners typically have more recent iPhone models, the vast majority of iPhones are purchased from carriers rather than the Apple Store, and the iPhone mini-series was largely unsuccessful.

Despite the limited persuasive power of these numbers, CIRP is making public information that Apple has chosen not to share. In fact, they shouldn’t feel obligated to because, as CIRP puts it, “The Apple plan is working.”

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