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Nikola And Voltera Form Alliance To Build Hydrogen Fuelling Installations


Through its HYLA brand, Nikola Corporation (Nasdaq: NKLA) is a global leader in zero-emissions transportation and energy supply and infrastructure solutions. Recently, the company announced a definitive agreement with Voltera, a leading provider of critical infrastructure necessary to support the full decarbonization of transportation, to create the hydrogen fueling infrastructure necessary to support Nikola’s deployment of its innovative zero-emissions vehicles.

Nikola and Voltera hope to build fifty HYLA stations across North America over the next five years thanks to their new strategic collaboration agreement. Nikola’s previously declared aspirations to build 60 stations by 2026 are strengthened by this collaboration.

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Commercial hydrogen refueling stations

By working together, Nikola and Voltera will establish the largest open network of commercial hydrogen refueling stations in North America, allowing vehicles of all makes and models to access fuel and speeding up the transition to emission-free transportation. Voltera will locate, construct, and run the purpose-built hydrogen refueling stations, while Nikola will provide the hydrogen fuel and technical knowledge.

The many billion dollars Voltera expects to invest in electric vehicle charging and hydrogen fueling stations will be deployed more quickly thanks to this agreement. Nikola and Voltera are going to work together to create the best possible refueling process.

Carey Mendes, President of Nikola Energy, stated that “our partnership with Voltera will bring substantial capital and expertise to support Nikola’s plans to build refueling infrastructure to support its customers.” Nikola’s first-to-market hydrogen fuel cell electric trucks and fuelling infrastructure will benefit greatly from Voltera’s experience in developing zero-emission energy infrastructure.

The transition to a zero-emission economy relies on the rapid deployment of infrastructure, an objective shared by Nikola and Volterra.

Voltera’s CEO, Matt Horton, has stated that the company’s goal is to speed up the transition to zero-emission automobiles by shouldering the burden of constructing the necessary infrastructure, despite its complexity and high cost. Together with Nikola, we plan to greatly boost hydrogen fuelling infrastructure, lower hurdles for operators purchasing cars in bulk and ultimately facilitate the widespread adoption of hydrogen trucks.


The Nikola Corporation is revolutionizing the transport sector on a worldwide scale. Nikola is on a mission to revolutionize the economic and environmental impact of commerce by designing and manufacturing zero-emission battery-electric and hydrogen-electric vehicles, electric vehicle drivetrains, vehicle components, energy storage systems, and hydrogen station infrastructure under the HYLA brand. Nikola Corporation is a startup with its headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona that launched in 2015.


To facilitate the widespread use of zero-emission vehicles, Voltera locates, constructs, and runs charging stations for electric vehicles and hydrogen filling stations. Volterra is well-positioned to help solve the infrastructure challenge and scale zero-emission transportation thanks to EQT’s equity backing and plans to invest several billion dollars, as well as the company’s team’s deep experience deploying charging assets, proven critical infrastructure expertise, and key strategic partners.


What is Nikola Corporation doing now?

Nikola’s production of electric and fuel-cell vehicles and other energy-related products continues unabated. The Tre BEV is an electric heavy-duty vehicle and the sole model currently produced by the firm.

Who is Nikola’s competition?

Tesla, Fisker Automotive, Rivian Automotive, Faraday Future, and Karma Automotive are all in the same market as Nikola and offer similar products and services.

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