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Nuen Introduces NU-E Concept Electric Motorcycle

Nuen Introduces NU-E Concept Electric Motorcycle

In recent years, numerous innovative plans for electric bicycles have been proposed. Many of these ideas represent significant steps forward for motorcycle design, particularly for high-performance and fun-to-ride models. But for the time being, these ideas are just that: ideas. They are conceptual motorcycles built to test the limits of what is technically feasible.

Almost every motorbike on sale today was once only an idea and most of the technology included in modern motorcycles would have been laughed at only a decade ago. Therefore, it’s crucial to maintain a flexible outlook on the future. Nuen, a business based in Vietnam, offers an intriguing vision of the future of electric motorcycles. The NU-E’s basic concept model minimizes complexity to maximize effectiveness and speed.

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Since the NU-E is still in the prototype stage, its design may undergo significant changes before it enters production. However, the current iteration of the NU-E idea has a more modern and athletic appearance. The NU-E’s rider triangle is the lowest in the industry, with ultra-low clip-on bars and rear-set foot pegs. It’s not a supersport bike because it doesn’t have any fairings, which is a hallmark of that category. To achieve its spare appearance, the bike’s guts are hidden beneath the seat, where the engine of an internal combustion two-wheeler would normally be.

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NU-E Electric Motorcycle Boasts Impressive Theoretical Performance

The theoretical performance on the bike is just as amazing. It’s driven by a 10-kilowatt (approximately 13.4-horsepower) electric motor. The power output is comparable to a 125cc gasoline-powered motorcycle, which may not seem like much. However, unlike gas engines, electric motors deliver peak power at all speeds. Because of this, electric motorcycles can respond instantly and precisely, and their power can be optimized for maximum efficiency and performance. In fact, according to Nuen, the NU-E can reach speeds of up to 94 mph.

Other characteristics of the bike include KTech and EMC suspension components and ISR braking hardware. The dash, or lack thereof, is another intriguing choice made by Nuen. The prototype NU-E shown above has a smartphone affixed to the handlebars using a Quadlock attachment, presumably with wireless charging already in place so that the rider’s phone can function as the bike’s instrument cluster. This easy fix not only saves money but also retains the bike’s minimalist aesthetic.

When fully charged, Nuen’s NU-E electric motorcycle idea weighs in at a remarkably light 160 kilograms. The low curb weight makes the NU-E quick and efficient with its battery, allowing Nuen to make the bold claim that it can travel up to 188 miles on the highway on a single charge.


What is the NU-E concept electric motorcycle?

The NU-E is a concept electric motorcycle developed by Nuen, a Chinese electric vehicle startup. The NU-E is designed to be a high-performance electric motorcycle with a sleek and stylish design.

What are the specifications of the NU-E concept electric motorcycle?

The NU-E is powered by a 10-kW electric motor that produces 13.4 horsepower and 73 lb-ft of torque. The NU-E has a top speed of 94 mph and a range of up to 100 miles on a single charge.

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