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Search for Missing Clouded Leopard at Dallas Zoo Intensifies

Clouded Leopard

The Dallas Zoo is currently searching for a missing clouded leopard. The leopard, named Luna, was last seen in her exhibit on the morning of January 12th.

Zoo employees have searched the entire exhibit and surrounding areas, but have been unable to locate Luna. The zoo’s security team is also reviewing footage from surveillance cameras in the area.

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The clouded leopard is a critically endangered species, with an estimated population of less than 10,000 in the wild. Luna, who is a few years old, was a popular attraction at the Dallas Zoo and her disappearance has caused concern among zoo officials and animal lovers.

The zoo is asking for the public’s help in finding Luna. Anyone who has seen or has information about the missing leopard is encouraged to contact the zoo immediately. In the meantime, the zoo is working closely with local authorities and other zoos to find Luna and bring her back to the safety of her exhibit.

The zoo will provide updates on Luna’s whereabouts as more information becomes available. The staff at the Dallas zoo said that the safety of the animals is their top priority and they are doing everything in their power to find Luna and bring her back to the zoo.

The clouded leopard is a unique animal and is one of the most elusive and mysterious wild cats in the world. The Dallas Zoo is dedicated to the conservation of this species and is working closely with other zoos and organizations to protect and preserve the clouded leopard population.

Please keep an eye out for Luna and contact the Dallas Zoo if you have any information about her whereabouts.

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