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Smartwater and Zendaya Collaborate

Smartwater and Zendaya Collaborate

Smartwater is raising the bar on hydration this summer, and the company announced today that Zendaya will serve as its global brand spokesman. Zendaya is a famous actor and actress who strongly supports creative expression. She also takes the lead in exploring novel approaches to maximizing human potential. Zendaya, Smartwater’s global ambassador, will appear in new ads. Thousands of women will benefit from her backing of community water schemes.

As The Coca-Cola Company’s Global Category President for Hydration, Sports, Tea, and Coffee, Matrona Filippou, gushed, “We couldn’t be happier to have Zendaya as the new face of smartwater.” Zendaya is a cultural icon worldwide. Because she’s confident, she’s a great complement to Smartwater.

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VMLY&R and WPP/OpenX worked together on the campaign’s content. On June 21st, it will debut on American television, radio, social media, and streaming services. The show celebrates those who can think on their feet in any situation and act accordingly.

Zendaya, who is a Smartwater Global Brand Ambassador, said, “I’m very excited to start this new relationship with Smartwater.” “We all know that staying hydrated is important, and smart water is my go-to drink no matter what I’m doing.”

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How Zendaya and Smartwater Are Helping to Solve the Water Crisis

As the new face of the brand’s campaign, Zendaya will work with Smartwater to improve water quality and access in cities around the world, starting with her hometown of Oakland, California. They will do this by partnering with the Global Water Challenge (GWC), which is a group of leading organizations working together to make sure everyone has access to clean drinking water. In the US, 2.2 million people lack access to water at home, while 44 million use substandard water systems.

Together, Smartwater, GWC, and Zendaya are launching the smart solutions: global water challenge. This will allow local organizations to apply for grant funds to GWC’s Women for Water action platform, which helps women and their communities by giving them access to clean water. For over a decade, The Coca-Cola Company has made significant investments in enhancing global access to clean water. Since the year 2010, the organization has facilitated the provision of clean water to a total of over 18.5 million individuals.

The research conducted by GWC has demonstrated that those who have the opportunity to utilize clean water experience improved health outcomes, enhanced safety, more access to information, and greater employment prospects. This assertion holds particular significance in relation to women and girls.

Monica Ellis, CEO of Global Water Challenge, explains that without the support of their mission-driven partners, their work would not be possible. We’re happy to have Smartwater and Zendaya on board to provide safe water to more people. Our goal with the Smart Solutions: Global Water Challenge is to increase economic opportunity, enhance water quality, and expand access to safe drinking water for all communities throughout the world.


What will Zendaya do as part of the collaboration?

Zendaya will be the face of the campaign and will work with Smartwater to raise awareness of the global water crisis. She will also visit communities in need to see firsthand the impact of the lack of clean water.

What is the Global Water Challenge?

The Global Water Challenge (GWC) is a coalition of leading organizations working together to achieve universal access to clean drinking water. The GWC’s Women for Water platform specifically supports women and girls, enabling them to spend more time in school, generate income, and actively participate in their communities.

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