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Taylor Swift And Joe Alwyn’s Alleged Breakup: The Truth Exposed

Taylor Swift And Joe Alwyn's Alleged Breakup: The Truth Exposed

There have been reports that Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn split up this past weekend, while on the road for The Eraser Tour.

Swift and Alwyn have reportedly been talking about getting married after dating for six years. In spite of this, the source stated, “Joe has struggled with Taylor’s level of fame and the attention from the public.”

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Friends expected them to reconcile after some time apart since “they’ve had rough patches before and always worked things out.” After spending so much time together, it must be difficult to overlook the fact that they have such distinct personalities. They’re no longer close.

Although die-hard Swifties have been following tabs on the new couple since their relationship was disclosed in 2017, the pair has mostly kept out of the spotlight. Swift has acknowledged that “Lavender Haze” is autobiographical, and Alwyn’s pseudonym, William Bowery, appears on a discography of their joint musical efforts. However, the news comes as a surprise as Swift continues to crush her biggest tour to date. One question is how a breakup will affect the musician’s most memorable concert tour.

Several shifts, both on and off the tour, seem to confirm the split, which the singer has yet to confirm. First, instead of opening with “Invisible String,” a song about two people finding each other, she started with “The 1,” a song about a prior love that, paradoxically, many assume is about her ex-lover Aaron Dessner.

In the end, the two “weren’t the right fit for one another,” according to the insider.

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