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Trevor Noah Joins Spotify for Weekly Podcast

Trevor Noah Joins Spotify for Weekly Podcast

Trevor Noah, whose tenure as host of “The Daily Show” ended in late 2022, will soon be heard on a new weekly podcast from Spotify.

This weekly podcast will combine Noah’s “signature humor and razor-sharp wit with his global perspective to deliver a unique take on the hottest and most captivating topics of the moment,” as described by Spotify. In-depth talks between Noah and “some of the most influential and interesting figures in the world,” according to the business, will also be featured in the series (name TBD).

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While Trevor Noah’s podcast will be a “Spotify original,” it will be made available on other streaming services as well. Several well-known podcasters, such as Joe Rogan, Alex Cooper, Emma Chamberlain, and Dax Shepard, have signed exclusive distribution deals with Spotify.

“I’ve always been somebody who enjoys trying new things and exploring different ways to express what I do,” Noah said in an interview with Variety. In other words, “I think this is going to be a really exciting opportunity to create a little more of what I’ve always created — and a lot more of what I haven’t created before.”

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Podcasting: The Future of Television

Podcasting “just gives me an opportunity to expand a little bit more on some of the elements that television doesn’t necessarily allow you to as much — which is a long-form,” he explained. You may talk to someone for as long as 40 minutes on a podcast if you need to, and you’re not “restricted by the blocks of TV time as they’re dictated by ads,” as he put it. By doing a podcast, “I can be anywhere in the world creating an episode.”

The new podcast will feature in-depth discussions with some of the world’s most interesting people, Trevor Noah promised. Also, we’ll probably solve every problem that’s ever plagued humanity, so you’ll want to watch every episode.

The signing of Noah is an indication of Spotify’s commitment to expanding its roster of popular podcast hosts. Its podcast partnerships haven’t always paid off: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s exclusive podcast deal with Spotify ended last week, and Barack and Michelle Obama left the service last year.

“Trevor fits into our future strategy on every level we could hope for,” stated Julie McNamara, VP, head of global podcast studios at Spotify. He’s a brilliant artist with an original perspective. It’s a continuous podcast with a conversational tone. As he enters the next chapter of his life and profession, he can’t wait to connect with his supporters and grow his fan base.

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Noah’s New Podcast: A Conversation with Spotify CEO Daniel Ek

During their chat at the Spotify Beach midday program on Tuesday at the Cannes Lions conference, Trevor Noah and Spotify co-founder and CEO Daniel Ek unveiled the comedian’s forthcoming podcast. Noah recently announced a new podcast, and he and Ek chatted about the ways in which creators may use technology and various forms of expression to reach their audiences.

Before leaving “The Daily Show” in December, Noah worked there for seven years. He has also presented the Grammys for the past three years. In addition to his novels, Noah has written the best-selling autobiography “Born a Crime: Stories From a South African Childhood.”

In 2019, Spotify began offering podcasts to its users for the first time. The company claims to have more than 5 million podcast titles available on its platform and over 100 million podcast listeners. In 2022, 165 of the company’s own and licensed shows reached the top of the Spotify charts in 99 different countries.

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