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According to Elon Musk, Twitter makes people angry, while Instagram makes them depressed

Elon Musk says Instagram makes people depressed and Twitter makes them angry

Instagram makes people depressed, according to Elon Musk, CEO of Twitter, while Twitter makes them angry.

On Sunday, Musk took to Twitter to poll his followers on their preferred social media site, writing: “Instagram makes people depressed and Twitter makes people angry.” “Which is better?”

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One Twitter user responded that the social media platform never fails to make them smile. Musk retorted that he does, in fact, tweet frequently with humor.

Musk has previously stated his displeasure with Instagram.

Musk said in an interview for The Joe Rogan Experience podcast in 2018 that “people look like they have a much better life than they really do” on social media.

On the podcast, Musk said that Instagram could make people look “better than they really are,” meaning that they are more attractive and content than they actually are. He said positive messages and pictures on social media can make people feel good and give them ideas. “Neither my appearance nor my contentment compares to what they purport to be.” “Therefore, it follows that I am terrible.”

Insider’s request for comment from Musk’s representatives was met with silence.

Even though he spent $42 billion to buy Twitter last year, Musk has asked if people should use these platforms less.

To a Twitter user who linked to a study from the Survey Center on American Life that found people’s social circles had shrunk over the last three decades, Musk replied, “Maybe we should spend less time on social media

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