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Will President Biden Keep Campaigning on TikTok After Signing Bill?

Will President Biden Keep Campaigning on TikTok After Signing Bill?

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden signed a bill that will ban TikTok in the United States. However, his re-election campaign says it will still use the social media app, which makes things even more confusing.

People are confused because they say that TikTok is being banned because it could hurt American national security.

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So why would the President of the United States use the app if it puts American national security at risk? The app is meant for American people, after all.

Someone from Biden’s team told NBC News, “A fragmented media environment means we have to meet voters where they are, and that includes online.” “One of the places we make sure voters see our content is on TikTok.”

But… it puts American national security at risk.

@bidenhq is the TikTok account for the Biden re-election campaign. It has more than 306,000 fans and almost 120 videos. That TikTok account is pretty busy for something that is, once more, a threat to American national security.

ByteDance, the business that owns TikTok, has nine months to sell the app or face a ban in the US because Joe Biden signed the bill.

That is, TikTok will work until January, or until the next American President is officially chosen.

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Fox News charged Trump & Biden with 88 crimes

Fox News said that 88 criminal charges are still being processed against Donald Trump, who is 78 years old, or Joe Biden, who is 82 years old. If the TikTok ban hasn’t been lifted by then, it will be Biden’s job to do so.

For now, TikTok said in a statement on Wednesday that it would fight the ban.

You can’t use this law because it’s against the Constitution, and TikTok will fight it in court, the company wrote on X (Twitter). “We are sure that the law and the facts are on our side, and we will win in the end.”

“We have spent billions of dollars to make sure that U.S. data is safe and that no one from outside our platform can change or influence it.”

“This ban would destroy seven million businesses and make 170 million Americans mute.”

“As long as we keep fighting this unconstitutional ban, we will keep investing and coming up with new ideas to make sure TikTok stays a safe place for Americans from all walks of life to share their stories, have fun, and get ideas.”

Shou Chew, CEO of TikTok, also put out a video message on X.

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