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A University Dropout Makes $10,000 a Day

A University Dropout Makes $10,000 a Day

During the lockdown, a young woman decided to dropout of college and instead start her own business, which is now bringing in $10,000 AUD every day.

Sydney, Australia native Chloe Zhu was a bachelor’s student in finance/computer science in the year 2021.

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The young woman, then 19, rapidly concluded that it was not a good fit for her and that she had no idea where she could take it. Consequently, she dropout school.

“I couldn’t help but feel extremely lost with the direction I was going down in my career with my university degree,” she told 7Life.

“So I decided that college wasn’t for me when I switched majors twice and still didn’t feel like I belonged there.

I withheld the news that I was leaving college from my loved ones for nearly eight months.

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Chloe recounted, “They were definitely not happy at first and were trying to convince me out of the decision, even suggesting I take a break from my business to finish my studies first.”

However, I was confident in my ability to make them proud while remaining authentically me, and they finally came around.

Chloe’s Glowie Press-On Nails Take the Beauty Industry by Storm

It’s safe to conclude that the bet paid off handsomely, likely much to her parents’ satisfaction.

Chloe, who had long wanted to launch her own cosmetics line, did so in December 2021.

In response to the widespread closure of beauty salons caused by the pandemic, Chloe developed her own line of press-on nails under the name Glowie.

Chloe, who is only 21, is making a fortune after her business took off thanks to a viral video.

It hasn’t always been smooth sailing, though.

When I first started my business, I sometimes found myself too busy to meet up with friends for social activities.

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“Burnout is something I’ve dealt with, too. Earlier this year, I was so worn out from months of nonstop work that I actually didn’t want to wake up in the morning.

She continued, “My life looks completely different, and I’m still in shock at how you can change your career path in such a short amount of time, from a dropout to $10000 per day.”

“I’ve never been happier than in my current position, which allows me to utilize my analytical, creative, and technical abilities in the development of our website, the improvement of our search engine optimization, and the planning and execution of our product launches.”


How did Chloe start her business?

Chloe started her business, Glowie, in December 2021. She invested $25,000 of the money she made from her tutoring business into starting her new venture. She shot all the content, built the website, and packed all the orders in her one-bedroom apartment.

How successful is Glowie? 

Glowie is very successful. It makes over six figures in annual revenue, and Chloe says that she brings in $10,000 per day on the days that she releases new designs.

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