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A15-Based Chips Will Boost WatchOS 9 Speed

Apple Watch Series 9

Mark Gurman predicts that Apple will update the processor used in the Apple Watch Series 9 significantly, with the S9 chip being based on the A15’s technology. Apple’s Apple Watch revisions typically involve the introduction of a new S-series chip for the model. While the S8 used in the Apple Watch Series 8 was not a significant upgrade from the S7 used in the previous generation, the next Apple Watch range may be a significant improvement.

In dialogues within the “Power On” Discord channel for Mark Gurman’s Bloomberg newsletter, the author responded to inquiries regarding the Apple Watch Series 9’s processor. After verifying that new models are “due for the updated SoC,” Gurman speculated that the chip would be significantly more powerful than the transition from S7 to S8.

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“I believe it will be an entirely new processor, not just a rebranding of the previous generation,” he says. Gurman responds affirmatively when explicitly asked if he believes the new Apple Watch chip could be based on the A15 Bionic: “Yes, I believe it is!”

On the basis of power consumption alone, the A15 will not be inserted directly into the device.

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Gurman’s Previous Discussions

Gurman has previously discussed the upcoming iteration of the WatchOS models. The April 2 newsletter discussed watchOS 10, stating that it will feature a “fairly extensive upgrade” with numerous “notable changes to the user interface.”

Gurman proposed at the time that it is “important” for watchOS to have a large year for the tenth version, “given that WatchOS hardware updates will be anything but major.”

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