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According to Fans Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Could Make Her a Billionaire

After the initial annoyance caused by the ticket sales debacle and Swift’s tardy response, fans are expressing their views on the anticipated success online.

An Eras Tour update account on Twitter stated, “Taylor Swift is currently on track to become the FIRST EVER billionaire in HISTORY with music as her main source of income following US sales from ‘The Eras Tour!”

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“Taylor Swift is predicted to become a Billionaire with “The Eras Tour.”

She will be the first person whose primary source of income is music to accomplish this. A fan tweeted.



However, the feat did not seem to impress everyone.

“I’ve always thought Taylor Swift was kind of boring, but I kind of hate her because she’s clearly trying to become a billionaire, and the way she’s going about it is so desperate lolol,” one person said. “My opinion tho.”

Another person pointed out that the Ticketmaster debacle may not have been an accident, saying, “Swifties are celebrating this without realizing that that means the Ticketmaster debacle wasn’t an accident and Taylor Swift managed to swindle all of u into getting her billionaire status.”

These sentiments echo the confusion felt by some regarding Swift’s apparent failure to do more to make her tickets more affordable and accessible, particularly as tour costs and ticket prices post-COVID increase.

Business Insider says tour expenses such as gas money, plane tickets, and lighting designers are “growing exponentially.”

One Twitter user stated, “Ticketmaster has ruined events for the middle class.” Concerts and sporting events are becoming out of reach for the average person.”

A tweet claimed that Ed Sheeran created a ticketing system that prevents Ticketmaster and resellers from inflating ticket prices. His pit passes only cost $80. Artists should heed Ed Sheeran’s advice.”

Another person stated, “All it would take is for Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran to form a band, and they would be able to effect significant change.”

Swift’s response to the Ticketmaster backlash was brief: “To those who didn’t get tickets, all I can say is that my hope is to provide more opportunities for us to all get-together and sing these songs.”

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