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Andreessen Horowitz Nears $7 Billion Fundraise

Andreessen Horowitz Nears $7 Billion Fundraise

Several people have told Axios that Andreessen Horowitz is about to close on up to $7 billion in new funds.

This makes a16z even more of a venture capital “have,” in a field with more and more “have-nots.” It also shows that even the best companies can have trouble getting money when the market is quiet.

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A16z wants to raise $6.9 billion for a master-feeder fund, but there is no hard cap on that amount. The final close is expected to happen in early April, with a price range of $6.5 billion to $7 billion.

  • Half of the money would go to the company’s fourth growth fund, which is a big drop from its $5 billion predecessor.
  • Once more, things get tricky. The A16z company is no longer seeking dedicated early-stage or seed-stage funds. Instead, they are dividing their approach by sub-sector. 15% will go to an AI infrastructure fund, 15% to an AI apps fund, and 10% will go to a “American dynamism” fund.
  • That would bring the total amount raised to about $2.76 billion, down from the $2.9 billion it raised the first time ($2.5 billion in venture capital and $400 million in seed funding).
  • A16z’s second game fund will receive 10%, surpassing the $600 million raised for the first.

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