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Apple Wants Vision Pro Cameras and Eye-Tracking to Diagnose Mental Illness

Apple Wants Vision Pro Cameras and Eye-Tracking to Diagnose Mental Illness

Today, The Information reported that Apple is investigating how Vision Pro could detect and treat mental health issues. The story says that Apple wants to use Vision Pro’s many cameras and sensors to figure out if a person has “depression, anxiety, stress, or post-traumatic stress disorder.”

The Information’s report says that Vision Pro could find these mental health problems and then “show images and sounds that might improve the wearer’s emotions.” The report gets its information from people who “directly know the matter.”

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Because of this, Apple has talked about using the Vision Pro’s camera and eye-tracking systems to check a person’s “affect,” which means how they “express feelings or emotions.”

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Flat Effect

An emotionless face, also known as a “flat affect,” can be a sign that someone has schizophrenia, autism, sadness, brain damage, or even PTSD. One of the people said that Apple’s Vision Products Group members, led by Mike Rockwell, have spent a lot of time talking about the headset’s potential health uses and have even hired health experts to look into adding these features to the device.

The story says that Vision Pro’s eye-tracking cameras were also talked about as a way to “detect pupil dilation,” which could “give a clue to a person’s mood.” “The infrared cameras on the device could also find eye blood vessel swelling, which could be an early sign of heart failure.”

Apple workers have also talked about how Vision Pro could “sense changes in a person’s weight” and “screen for diseases like Parkinson’s.”

According to the story, these features may never come out. However, Apple has “extensively discussed or explored health, wellness, and fitness features” for Vision Pro as recently as this year.

Mental health and Vision Pro claims are unclear to some Apple employees. There could be problems with the features not working as well as Apple would like, in addition to possible problems with rules and laws.

The Information says that some people who worked on Apple’s health projects weren’t sure if the devices could be as helpful as other treatments, like medicine.


What is Apple Vision Pro?

Apple Vision Pro is a rumored mixed reality headset that is expected to be released in 2023. The headset is reported to have advanced eye-tracking cameras and sensors.

How could Apple Vision Pro be used to diagnose mental illness?

Apple Vision Pro could be used to diagnose mental illness by tracking a user’s eye movements, pupil dilation, and facial expressions. These factors can be used to assess a user’s mood, emotional state, and cognitive function.

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