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Startup Bagel Brand Gets $8 Million

Startup Bagel Brand Gets $8 Million

PopUp Bagel, a new bagel company, has closed a $8 million Series A funding round. The round will help the company grow in the future and add more executives. A company called Stripes, which is based in New York City, led the funding round. John Davis, a Hollywood producer and food idea investor, also gave the company money last year. With that money, the company was able to open more stores in Greenwich, Connecticut, and Greenwich Village.

Adam Goldberg founded the firm in his kitchen during the 2020 COVID-19 epidemic. As a way to start his business, Mr. Goldberg had his neighbors try his bagels. The word quickly spread to other neighborhoods. Soon after, word spread and his business took off. People paid for them by buying bagels online days ahead of time and picking them up at certain times and places.

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The only reason Mr. Goldberg started all of this from his home was because he thought the bagel could be better. Over the past year, I’ve been moved by the response, from hour-long waits to the first remarks in this product’s most-watched market. I quickly realized that we needed to raise money to keep our business going so that more people could experience the PopUp Bagel way.


What makes PopUp Bagel different from other bagel brands?

PopUp Bagel uses a unique fermentation process that results in bagels that are softer, fluffier, and more flavorful than traditional bagels. The company also offers a variety of unique bagel flavors, such as everything but the bagel, sesame seed, and poppy seed.

What are PopUp Bagel’s plans?

PopUp Bagel plans to expand its retail footprint, launch a wholesale business, and develop new bagel products. The company also plans to expand into new markets, such as Los Angeles and Chicago.

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