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Auction estimates place the value of a first-generation iPhone at $50,000

Auction estimates place the value of a first-generation iPhone at $50,000

On Thursday, an unopened iPhone from 2007 with an estimated value of $50,000 will be auctioned off.

For its original price of $599, the first iPhone provided users with a 3.5-inch screen, a 2-megapixel camera, 4GB and 8GB of storage space, internet access, and the iTunes store. It only worked on AT&T’s 2G network and didn’t come with an app store.

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According to her 2019 appearance on the daytime talk show “The Doctor & the Diva,” cosmetic tattoo artist Karen Green was given the 8 GB version as a gift and has yet to open it. The phone was appraised on the show, and the appraiser determined it was worth $5,000.

Since then, in October, LCG Auctions sold another unopened first-generation iPhone just like Green’s for over $39,000. Green’s phone is also for sale through LCG Auctions, with bidding starting at $2,500.00.

In spite of CNN’s repeated attempts to reach Green and LCG Auctions for comment, neither party has yet provided any feedback.

The iPhone changed many parts of our lives, like how we talk to each other, do business, keep track of our memories, and even start the day. Because of this, many companies failed (camcorders, MP3 players, flip phones), but many others did well.

“We’re going to make some history together today,” Steve Jobs, Apple’s then-CEO, said at that year’s Macworld conference and expo. Jobs referred to the new smartphone as a “revolutionary mobile phone” because it would serve as an iPod, phone, and “internet communicator.”

Mobile web browsers are “bad out there today,” Jobs said. “Bringing true Web browsing to a phone is a major step forward”

Bidding on the technological relic will be open to Apple fans until February 19th.

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