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Barnes & Noble is expanding its store footprint in a way it hasn’t in over a decade

Barnes & Noble is expanding its store footprint in a way it hasn't in over a decade

The world’s bibliophiles can finally celebrate! There will soon be a new Barnes and Noble.

It’s become increasingly common for businesses to close their physical locations in recent years. Bookstores, which have had trouble competing with Amazon, have been particularly hit by this trend. A number of bookstores, including Barnes & Noble, have closed their doors, but others have survived. Barnes & Noble is ready to make a comeback despite having shut down more than 100 stores over the past 15 years.

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You can stop obsessively checking your mailbox for your new BookTok books on your TBR list because the company plans to open 30 new stores in 2023. On the other hand, you can drive to the bookstore whenever you like and pick up the books you need.

Where are the stores opening?

Boston has been added to the list of great places to live if you’re a bookworm, as Barnes & Noble has opened not one but two new bookstores there, with plans for four more bookstores in the state of Massachusetts. One of the largest stores to open in the past decade is planned for Northern Virginia, and the Danbury Square location in Connecticut will soon move into a brand-new 19,000-square-foot building.

While not all of the new storefronts have been revealed just yet, the company has confirmed that some of them are in the places where former Amazon bookshops once stood. What a surprising turn of events! However, if your town isn’t featured, you can always check out the best bookstore in your state.

What are Barnes & Noble’s new offerings?

Perhaps the most striking thing about a modern Barnes & Noble is the sheer volume of products they stock. The term “literature” is meant to encompass more than just books. They’ve moved from selling toys and novelty items to craft kits and decorative items for the home. In fact, we bought a raincoat at a Barnes & Noble in Florida! As for those times, they are long gone. The layout of the new stores will be modeled after those of small, independent bookstores.

Customers will find brighter areas and thematic nooks that invite them to linger and explore (imagine an entire store section devoted to dark academic, fantasy, or Colleen Hoover novels). There will be fewer restrictions on the types of books that can be sold in stores. That is to say, instead of stocking what publishers want to be displayed, stores can order books that readers in their area want to see.

The Barnes and Noble store locator makes it easy to keep tabs on all the bookstores in your area, both old and new, as well as upcoming events.

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