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Bella Poarch, a TikTok Star, Spent $4.3 Million on a Mansion

Bella poarch buys a 4.3 million dollar house

Success on TikTok is a sure thing.

Bella Poarch, a former TikTok star and current singer, reportedly spent $4.3 million on a lush sanctuary in the Pacific Palisades.

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There are four bedrooms and three bathrooms on the property, as well as a swimming pool.

Midway through 2021, Bella established herself as a creator to keep an eye on with her unique cover of Millie B’s “M to the B,” which quickly became the most-liked video on TikTok. Bella rose to fame on the music video-sharing platform TikTok thanks to her ability to make endearing, infantile emotions while lip-syncing perfectly in time (often at a high zoom level).

As of right now, Bella is the third most followed user on the app.

‘Build A Bitch,’ Bella’s first single, was released in May 2021 and is about the societal and patriarchal demands on women to conform in appearance and behavior. With approximately 40 million views on the music video in its first three days, Bella’s first single, a dark parody of the popular children’s franchise Build-A-Bear, was likely the most successful musical debut from a TikTok star to date.

Fans were astonished to learn that Bella had secretly filed for divorce from her spouse in November 2022.

The influencer reportedly spent four happy years married to a man called Tyler Poarch. After getting married in January 2019, Bella has seemingly avoided showing her new husband in any of her social media posts, including her debut TikTok video, which she plans to release in April 2020.

We won’t hold our breath for a new house tour any time soon because Bella is very discreet about her personal life.

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