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Fans Are Saving For Taylor Swift’s Upcoming Tour

Fans are saving for Taylor Swift's upcoming tour.

A savings account Cayla Jordan had set aside for a girls’ trip to Mexico was dubbed “Tay” the night in August when Taylor Swift revealed her newest album, Midnights, during the MTV Video Music Awards.

31-year-old Nashville resident and Swift fan Jordan stated, “I love Taylor Swift, and I have been around for Taylor Swift being really popular, like the 1989 tour, and then Taylor Swift not being very popular for the Reputation tour.” I didn’t want a lack of funds to prevent me from participating in this tour because I anticipated extremely high demand for tickets.

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Courtesy Cayla Jordan

Jordan claimed she is prepared to pay $1,000 for Swift concert tickets for the upcoming Eras Tour.

It seems that Jordan isn’t the only dedicated fan who has been hoarding cash in anticipation of a possible concert. For four years and six albums, Swift hasn’t taken her show on the road, and her devoted following is more than ready to finally see their girl in a blond wig perform live. As with other excursions, fees for this one will range from $49 to $449.

According to SeatGeek’s data, the average ticket for the Reputation tour was $279. Tickets are more expensive for events of all types and sizes, but a recent investigation by Last Week Tonight found that Ticketmaster’s prices have more than tripled since the mid-’90s, in part because the company frequently holds back about 90% of tickets for the secondary market, where they can be upsold by as much as 7,000%.

According to a statement provided to BuzzFeed News by Ticketmaster, the company does not determine the cost of tickets, and the average resale price is nearly twice as much as the original price. Reselling tickets has become a multibillion-dollar business, with Ticketmaster estimating the market at above $10 billion.

Lindsey Morris, a 27-year-old Swiftie from Georgia, said she started putting money down three years ago after she was unable to get tickets to the Reputation tour. She told BuzzFeed News that she would pay up to $800 to meet Swift or up to $500 for a front-row ticket (the singer has not charged for meet-and-greets in the past).

Courtesy Lindsey Morris

Although the high cost of tickets is “sort of crazy,” according to Morris, who places the responsibility on the secondary market.

Morris remarked, “As much as I love Taylor, I do have to put a cap on it because life is expensive. But I have enough in my account to be able to at least hopefully get right by the stage if they’re reasonably priced.”

Fort Worth, Texas resident and 28-year-old Swift fan Kristen Palczewski said she is “absolutely prepared” to spend $1,000 on a ticket.

“My friend asked, ‘What’s your budget?’” and I said, “What’s my credit card limit?”

Courtesy Shae-Lynn Perreault

In spite of being a dedicated Swiftie from the start, Kristin Joyner has yet to catch the singer in concert. She decided she had to attend the Eras Tour after missing both the 1989 and Reputation tours. Regardless of the actual cost of seeing Taylor Swift in Chicago, which she has no idea about in advance, she is prepared to spend at least $400 and up to $700. She had set aside $100 from her savings to pay for the plane ticket.

The 28-year-old Indiana native wanted “my first encounter to be the best experience it can be.”

I’ll do whatever it takes to get my hands on those tickets. I intend to save up funds in case I have to resort to purchasing something from a resale shop. Many times, tickets are gone in a matter of minutes.

Since she was a little girl, Shae-Lynn Perreault has been a Taylor Swift fan and has dreamed of attending one of her performances. Since Swift hasn’t announced any gigs in Canada, where Perreault resides, the 24-year-old will have to fly to Seattle to see Swift, where she will have to spend money on a hotel and means of transportation in addition to the $400 she plans to spend on the ticket.

Perreault added, “I’ll spend the money and worry about the plan later.”

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